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Microsoft has always been the pioneers to focus on new, improved devices and the betterment of their operating system. The Windows 10X is being rumored as the new upgrade to the existing OS that will support dual-screen devices.

The company in the past few years has completely skipped the concept of releasing new Windows versions but started working on improvements for Windows 10. The OS receives updates, tweaks and improvements all the time, making it much better than how it was in the beginning.

The latest rumor indicates that the developers are working on Windows 10X which will improve the task bar so that it can work seamlessly in a dual screen setup. The idea is to provide a laptop, tablet and a smartphone in a compact, foldable design. The operating system running on this hybrid device should be able to match the needs of the user.

While details are sparse at this point, leaked documents and prototype software checkpoints indicate Microsoft Windows 10X will have some major changes to the Start Menu. It is unclear whether the same version will be rolled out to desktop PCs and laptops as well. Microsoft may choose to retain it only for dual-screen devices but we can’t confirm as these devices are scheduled for launch only in late 2020.

The Surface Neo and Surface Duo are the two dual screen devices which are going to change the we use smartphones and laptops in the near future. Along with the new Windows 10X update which will not roll out at least for another six months or so, the company is also planning to remove the lock screen. Instead, in its place the Windows face or fingerprint identifier will be used so that the device that you are using immediately unlocks.

Being a leak at this point, it is difficult to confirm things but Microsoft Windows 10X will definitely be a big leap for the operating system that has been around for three decades now.

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