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The holidays are really close and it’s a grand closure for the year but the awful silence had been put to rest by Blizzard. The special event, Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2019 is kicking off much earlier as it is scheduled to start as early as December 10th and will be open all the way until 2nd, January 2020.

The time is just great to have one of the largest and most popular games kicking the holidays season with a special event. After all, now you will have more things to do in the weekend and team up with buddies to enjoy a game of Overwatch. The game is known for making the best seasonal games during Halloween, Chinese New Year and Christmas/ Winter season with special game modes that are open for a limited time.

In order to make the event grand, the team at Blizzard has at least two dozen character skins based on the Winter Wonderland theme ready. Sigma, the new tank hero will receive an amazing new skin in 2019 and we expect other players like Junkrat, Mercy and Zarya to have its fair share of Winter skins ready too when the event opens up this week.

The event is all about team gaming because Overwatch 2 has a similar focus next year. You have to go head-on against a Yeti played by Winston and fight it off as a 5-player co-op mission. Mei’s snowball will be a powerful enemy to counter even if you have five people on your side. It is up to the team to survive till the last round and the last standing member has to make sure he or she takes down the Yeti before time or health runs out permanently.

The developers at Blizzard had promised that Overwatch 2 will have a strong focus on team-based co-op games. Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2019 is on a similar theme and it will continue to encourage players to work as a team to take down tough enemies. There is very little information on the upcoming game but for now, you have a great winter event to play.

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