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Virtual reality is still a niche space which is detested by people because of the difficulties involved in using it without feeling motion sickness but the Oculus Go is a nice addition to your collection. The device has dropped to an all-time low at most retailers for just $150 while you can grab one for just $130 at select stores.

Compared to the far more expensive to setup products like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift that requires a mammoth gaming PC, Oculus Go is a standalone VR headset. With the help of simple to use product, you can easily watch movies on a large screen virtual theater, play a game of Angry Birds in VR or shoot zombies in real-time making it super thrilling to enjoy.

On launch day, the Go was priced at $200 for the 32GB version. While it is still an affordable solution for those getting into the world of virtual reality for the first time, most didn’t find the investment justified. However, things are changing because at $130, you can hardly find a reason not to check it out and get into the exciting world of VR games, movies as well as interactive content without spending a small fortune.

Major retailers like Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy and the official Oculus store are selling the Oculus Go 32GB edition for $150. If you are a hardcore VR lover and would like to have more storage space for your content on the go, watch movies or play plenty of games in an immersive world, the $199 Oculus Go 64GB edition should be the perfect companion to go with.

The lower discount of just $130 is available on Amazon, Walmart while B&H sells it for $135 which should be ideal for most users. After all, you can hardly spend more than 2 hours inside the VR world because it strains your eyes and if $199 sounds higher, you can enjoy what it has to offer for a great discount this holiday season.

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