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Electric cars are the future without doubt but it is still taking baby steps into the automobile world. Tesla Model 3 is one step ahead of everyone else because of its affordable pricing that should help usher in and slowly get rid of gasoline-powered cars all over the world.

Twitter user Green has managed to grab a few lines from the code that revealed that Tesla is planning an improved version of Model 3. The advantage of this significant upgrade is that the budget car will effectively receive the most lauded Ludicrous mode.

The mode enables could bring amazing improvements and the Tesla Model 3 should be able to go from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds when enabled. The same will be much lower when you use the car in mid-range as it takes 4.9 seconds to reach the same speed.

Buyers who are big time fans of Tesla Model 3 can also expect the car to support improved battery with a 100kWh battery upgrade. That should help the vehicle reach longer distances on a single charge and theoretically, you will be able to go on long drives without having to charge it multiple times before reaching your destination point.
A whole of interesting and useful features will also be implemented in the car including glass roofs, rim options and tire pressure sensor. Putting all these things together will your Model 3 much more easy to drive, fun and most importantly faster because of the Ludicrous mode.

There is no clear update from Tesla of when or how this new variant of the Model 3 will find its way into their ordering option because they have a track record of slow launches. We can only hope it shouldn’t be too long as it works in favor of improving sales.

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