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Motorola Razr is not an affordable phone by any means but that didn’t stop people from buying this $1500 and it has led the company into pushing the release date much farther.

A foldable phone is all the craze these days and people are loving this innovation in one way or the other. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the first ever smartphone to have successfully made its debut and the Motorola Razr is the next in the series.

The company has started taking pre-orders for the phone and it was originally scheduled to be launched in January 2020. However, the situation changed and there is no confirmed release date for the same.
Considering the expensive price tag, no one expected it to be such a huge hit but it did surprise Motorola according to unofficial reports from multiple sources. In the case of Samsung, the company had to call back their Galaxy Fold phones to fix a manufacturing defect.

They also made some minor changes to the hinge so that it is long lasting and can stop external debris from affecting the fragile display on the phone. Being foldable phones, most of these devices are more fragile than the bar-shaped phones that you use today.

With such models becoming the norm in the coming years, it won’t be surprising if they all end up to be more fragile and easy to break than current generation smartphones like Galaxy S10 or the iPhone 11.
In their statement, the company said, “The Motorola Razr is in high demand that has exceeded supply predictions. The shipping dates are not announced now and pre-orders are temporarily closed so as to give time for the manufacturing plant to complete shipping the ones they have already taken orders for.”

The Razr sure seems to be in demand despite its pricing and it is a sign that people don’t mind spending more for innovative technology similar to the iPhone days in 2007.

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