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An open world game for a popular anime franchise is very tough to come by but Dragon Ball Z Kakarot aims to tap into the untapped market with a brand new title. The news comes from an early review published by Famitsu that confirmed that you can comfortably play the game for 40 hours without doing any of the side missions.

For the world of Dragon Ball Z and it’s ardent fans, it will be a big change because most titles based on popular franchises tend to be limited in terms of gameplay, storyline and the number of hours that you could actually sink into it. Besides, if you are planning to play the entire game as well as complete all the extra content, you will need a solid 100 hours in order to be able to get that coveted one hundred percent completion in your save data.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is massive because it is designed in such a way to cover everything that happened in the DBZ universe. The storyline begins when Radish lands on earth and will also further focus on smaller characters that play minimalistic roles in the original story. From an anime perspective, it may not be a much needed addition but when you are playing a game, it helps expand the storyline and also considerably increase the number of hours players can play it without the title turning into a fighting fest or a quick single player campaign.

The game is scheduled for launch on 17th, Jan and going by what reviewers have to say, it looks to be one of the most extensive games sent in the DBZ universe. The game also gets launched on all major platforms including PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Once you get hooked to Dragon Ball Z Kakarot in its first few hours, it will be hard to come out of it and focus on something else until you have managed to complete the 40-hour long campaign in its entirety.

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