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Renault has officially joined the lineup of hybrid cars by launching two different models at once. They are the Clio E-Tech and the Captur E-Tech, as both cars are equipped with a gasoline engine and a battery that should help reduce power and emission wherever possible.

The automobile manufacturer is taking baby steps into the world of electric cars because not alienating their customers is an important goal for all such brands. Renault’s Clio is already the most popular hatchback model around the world. It is no surprise that the brand wanted to bet big on their popular car with some modifications including a 1.6L four cylinder engine and a 230V battery. The car’s engine is capable of delivering 140hp making it one of the powerful and energy efficient hatchbacks around.

Regenerative braking is a popular feature on all hybrid vehicles. The Renault Clio and Captur E-Tech models will strongly focus on this aspect because the idea is to save energy and convert it into battery power while driving in congested traffic. Every time, you apply the brake or slow down by taking your foot off the pedal, the energy generated in the friction will be used to charge the battery.

The smaller battery can be used to easily cruise around the city if you are looking to go almost electric, the Captur E-Tech is the way to go. Equipped with a much larger 400V battery, the car can comfortably cover 65Km before it needs to be recharged but the advantage is that as you still have the gasoline engine, you can fill it up to complete your trip without having to worry about distance.

The hybrid cars provide the best of both worlds which is what Renault aims to bank upon with their Clio E-Tech and Captur E-Tech. The cars will be equipped with the best of modern technology and are expected to be launched later in the UK this year.

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