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Google in its part has decided to contribute to avert a global healthcare situation. After the World Health Organization declared an emergency situation for the entire world with Novel Corona virus spreading at a fast pace, Google has added an SOS button in their search alerts.

Every time users use the term Novel Corona or related keywords to know more about the situation, SOS button helps users immediately get in touch with all the relevant information. Instead of an individual having to search for doctors, medical help or simply to know if they have symptoms of this widespread issue, the button helps in accumulating all the available information in one spot.

The safety tips will also be procured from other sources like Twitter, websites and any new pages the WHO has approved to help the general public. In the search term, you can identify this SOS button with the title 2019 Novel Coronavirus SOS Alert.

The sections include top stories, local updates, help and information after which safety tips will be delivered. All the other links will be below this so that you can keep searching if you like to or primarily focus on immediate answers that you would like to know with regards to the Corona virus.

Even without having to go through all this, the basics is to make sure you cook your meat well before consuming it as it is the major reason that spread this virus in the first place. The process of cleaning hands and using warm water always to get rid of germs is another thing that should be followed during this epidemic outbreak for which Google is doing its own part. The situation continues to grow but is expected to be curbed as steps are being taken by the medical community in multiple countries.

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