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The world of gaming is coming together in ways never seen before ways. Microsoft made Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs as one with all their exclusives available on it while Nintendo Switch opened up for Doom and Witcher 3. It’s now Sony’s turn to make PS4 Remote Play available for all major platforms and a recent survey hints at this implementation.

The information comes from Reddit, a forum website in which users discuss lots of different topics including gaming. In the PlayStation 4 forum, a user revealed that he came across a survey that requested people’s opinion on bringing PS4 Remote Play to major platforms including Nintendo Switch and Xbox One console.

It may also slowly expand to more platforms like Android TV, Apple TV enabling gamers to connect a Bluetooth controller like the Xbox One controller to play games directly on their televisions. The chances of PS1 and PS2 games popping up on this service is also on the cards as it will virtually run a console from far away through servers and streamed to the television with very minimal lag.

A similar service is being offered by Google Stadia but it didn’t take off as fast as expected. On the same track, we do have Xbox Cloud game services based on Xbox Game Pass and Sony is doing it with their PS4 Remote Play. The concept may also get launched on Windows PCs and Macs in the mean time providing players more options to continue playing the title on multiple platforms in a seamless manner.

Sony didn’t make an official announcement on this but going by the trend of game streaming services launching in all directions by major companies, it wouldn’t be surprising if Sony follows the direction Microsoft and Google has already set the direction with to give gamers a new experience.

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