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Smartphone companies do have a tough time bringing in new technologies to the mainstream market. Samsung Galaxy Fold faced a similar issue as users were able to peel off the entire display and now Motorola Razr Fold started making creaking noises within 27,000 folds during a CNET test.

The reputed technology media company CNET follows a habit of putting popular models to stress test. In their Galaxy Fold test, the phone lasted over 100,000 folds which means users should be able to use it without second thoughts for two years or more. Even if you are a big time smartphone addict and have $2000 to spend, it should be a worthy investment to get the bleeding edge technology as your daily driver.

The Motorola Razr which is the direct competitor for the Galaxy Fold in the foldable phone segment was put to test. While the Galaxy Fold lasted 14 hours with a total of 119,380 folds in their test, the modified machine was used to keep folding the Razr half way before opening it up again. Within four hours, it started making creaking noises and the people at CNET decided to stop the test so as to not completely break the phone.

Surprisingly, the display worked perfectly fine but it didn’t easily fold inside or open up without making a huge noise. In theory, you won’t be able to use the phone for even a year if it starts shows signs of failure so early. Moderate users may get a year out of the device but considering how expensive it is, the device should be much more durable than what Motorola has delivered. The Galaxy Fold’s display broke after the said time but as the test was stopped in the Motorola Razr’s case. The smartphone company will probably take note of it and come up with a fix.

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