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Microsoft has already taken the PC route and obviously their Xbox Series X that is more powerful than PS5 will cost higher. However, Sony wants to be in touch with their vast gamer base and similar to how they made PS4 the best-selling console of the generation, they want to repeat it with PlayStation 5 which depends a lot on the pricing.

Sony had a stupendous last decade where they single-handedly won over Microsoft’s Xbox One console and Nintendo’s Wii U/ Switch. Ever since the last, Xbox had lots of issues as they tried to be ahead of their time with always on internet and many other PC-like features.

In 2020, times have changed as Microsoft has openly adopted the PC gaming concept with Xbox Game Pass for both Window 10 and Xbox. They have also designed the Xbox Series X in such a way that it looks like a Corsair mid-tower computer cabinet. Gone are the days when consoles used to be flat and stored like a VCR inside your table. They could even price their device at $500 or even $600 similar to how Sony PS3 cost way above its reach when it got launched.

Sony is Struggling on Cost Effective Pricing

Sony however is not keen on making the PS5 cost more yet it costs $450 to make one console. While console manufacturers don’t make much of a profit on initial launch, they make it in the next few years with game sales and multiplayer online subscription models.

The PlayStation 5 pricing will be discussed only after Microsoft bites the bullet first and announce their own pricing. Instead of waiting for E3 2020, Xbox Series X got announced much earlier and in similar route, Sony expects MS to let go of the pricing so that they can price their PS5 slightly lower to appease the masses.

Hardcore PlayStation fans may not mind even if it costs $500 and with NAND, SSD pricing on the higher side, it won’t be surprising for next generation consoles to be more expensive than it used to be. Microsoft has its own strategy now as they are going towards a subscription model but Sony has to retain them all on the PS5 with their grand exclusive lineup set for launch in the next few years. Pricing the console right albeit being bit expensive will be the way to go.

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