Google Now’s Rival Cortana is in Beta on Android

Micosoft Cortana Assistant on Android

Omni Swipe is an Essential Android Launcher to Easily Access Apps

Omni Swipe Android App Launcher

Google’s Android Experiments Invite Creative App Creators Onboard

Rumored Facebook Breaking News App Sounds like a Twitter Rival

Facebook Breaking News App

Google Hangouts 4.0 for Android Devices Gets Material Design and New Compose button

Google Hangouts 4.0 Android App

Kaboom Self-Destructs your Private Messages on iOS or Android

Kaboom Self Destruct iOS Android App

Google will Eventually Fix Android’s Stagefright Vulnerability

Android Stagefright Vulnerability

Facebook Launches Live Streaming for Celebs, Youtube Removes 301+ Views

Facebook Youtube Video Features

Apple Web Crawler Appearance Indicates a Possible Search Engine in Development

How to Stream Movies, Music and Files from PC to your Android Phone or Tablet?

Stream Movies on Android Devices

Facebook Messenger App Now has a Dedicated Desktop Website –

Facebook Messenger on Desktop
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