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Ataribox Pre-orders Begins Dec14th Without a Firm Release Date


Ataribox has no game lineup, a fixed price or a firm release date yet the developers have already opened the pre-orders for the box. People who are willing to join the kickstarter kind of campaign can choose to donate about $250 to $300.

The actual price of the gaming console is not set yet and in case if it is lower than the price tag, the company may choose to return the remaining sum to the players. They also confirmed that select people will get a huge discount on the launch date when they choose to support the project earlier.

It is believed that Ataribox may raise a huge sum which will help the team push production and also reveal more details about the hardware, the kind of games on the console and how it will shape up against similarly priced current gen consoles. Nintendo Switch is a direct competitor while Xbox One and PS4 is also on the line due to the $300 price tag.

Besides, Ataribox will also come bundled with a collection of retro games as well as select modern day titles to distinguish itself from its competitors.


The Best PS4 and Xbox One Game Deals Available Right Now


The holiday sales season is still a good two weeks away yet discounts have started to pop up so early and for PS4, Xbox One gamers, there isn’t any better time than now to pick the best AAA titles they could get their hands on.

Here is a massive list of game titles that you could purchase right away. Many of them that are disc copies are applicable only for players in United States but digital codes can be purchased and activate in a country of your choice.

Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition – $53.99 on PS4

Skyrim Special Edition – $20 Xbox One digital code (Amazon)

Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus Collector’s Edition – $59.99 on both Xbox One and PS4

Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition – $29.99 on PS4 digital code (Amazon)

Hey! Pikimin – $25 on Nintendo 3DS (Amazon)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered – $25.96 on PS4, Xbox One digital codes (Amazon)

Cuphead – $16.99 on Xbox One & PC (digital code on Amazon)

Mafia 3 – $9.99 on PS4, Xbox One (Gamestop disc based)

New $3000 Nvidia Titan V Card Launched for Computing AI Applications


Nvidia has recently launched the Nvidia Titan V, a $3000 graphics card which introduces the new Volta GPU architecture and the expensive hardware has been made to compute AI applications, scientific calculations.

While you can still purchase the powerful card to play games, it was not originally meant to run AAA titles at 4K resolution with exorbitant frame rates. The computing capability of the hardware is much higher that it will be used by industries than individual people and in order to avoid it being used in crypto mining, the company has limited only two cards per user.

The hefty priced Nvidia Titan V is capable of delivering 110 teraflops of raw power which when compared to the most powerful console ever made, the Xbox One X is ginormous because the console produces about 6 teraflops of power. The new Titan is 9x more powerful than the outgoing model and is energy efficient so that it can be used for hours without leading to exorbitant electricity bills.

The hardware offers 12GB of HBM2 memory and Pascal architecture is the one currently being used right now. It is to be seen when Nvidia brings the Volta architecture to gaming grade cards which are more affordable and offer greater performance, especially gaming in true 4K with 60fps or above.

Xiaomi Redmi 5 and Redmi5 Plus are the Cheapest Phones with 18:9 Display


Xiaomi has been at the forefront in marketing cheap yet good quality phones. The Redmi 5 and the Redmi 5 Plus are the cheapest phones that you could buy for less than $200 with 18:9 display.

The aspect ratio is unique and people may love it for the screen real estate it offers as well as the cinematic experience acquired through black. Besides, with the least bezel ratio they look as much like a flagship model but the cost is what sets these models apart from their competitors.

The Redmi 5 which is now launched in China costs just $120 while the Redmi 5 Plus is slightly expensive at $150. The pricing is definitely too cheap for the Western buyers who spend an easy $600 or more to own the latest software. However, the Asian market is an entirely different game which is ruled by Xiaomi right now.

When it comes to specifications, the Redmi 5 sports a 5.7-inch display with a resolution of 1440 x 720 pixels powered by Snapdragon 450 and 2GB of RAM. Another variant has 3GB of RAM with improved 32GB of RAM and costs $135. The phone is powered by a 3300 mAh bettery and can easily last for two days on single charge

The bigger Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus has a large 5.99-inch display with a resolution of 2160 x 1080. Under the hood, the phone is powered by a Snapdragon 625 processor with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage space. It has a bigger 4,000 mAh battery and costs $150 while a more powerful variant with 4GB of RAM, 64GB of space costs $195.

Xiaomi is on the right track for 2018 as they have set new benchmarks in the budget category and expected to break all expectations with their Redmi 5 which is yet to be announced for other markets.

Samsung 512GB Chip Will Make Smartphone Storage as Big as PCs


Samsung is about to change the world of smartphones, at least the storage space so that you don’t have to be a miser when it comes to deleting photos, music and movies regularly.

After the operating system eats up a major share of the storage, 64GB or 32GB internal storage is never enough and even when you add a large SD card, the phone continues to be largely constrained in the storage aspect.

The newly announced Samsung 512GB chip is about to change the game completely. These chips are capable of storing up to 130 10-minute UHD 4K videos which showcases how big and powerful they are. Besides, their massive read speed of 860MB Per second and 255MB per second write speed allow them to access large files with ease.

To put it in performance numbers, you can actually transfer a 5GB video file from your new Samsung SD card to a SSD in just six seconds. It is five times faster than the standard SD card and the smaller size is sure to help the chip find its way to DSLRs, tablets, and even cars in the near future.

Samsung Galaxy S9 May Have a Purple Colored Variant


While the manufacturer is yet to make an official statement, rumors are rife about the Samsung Galaxy S9 which is usually launched in the month of April. However, some sources claim it may be unveiled during the CES 2018 event in January.

Instead of going with the traditional color choices, Samsung is planning to offer four different colors if we are to take the rumors into consideration. The available color choices will include black, blue, gold and a new purple colored variant.

Galaxy S8 was already released in five different color choices but many of them were restricted to the United States making it a tough purchase for most buyers worldwide. The purple color has been nearly confirmed through multiple rumors but there is no word on what shade Samsung plans to go for their Galaxy S9 smartphone.

OnePlus 5T Gets a Special Stars Wars Edition and It Looks Bit Different?


OnePlus 5T made an official announcement today confirming that they are about to launch a Star Wars edition of their popular flagship smartphone.

The announcement was made in India during a comic con event and it synced with the situation because people were already dressed up in different costumes including Star Wars inspired characters.

At first look, the OnePlus 5T smartphone looks very much the same on the outside because it sports the same white back but does have the movie’s logo etched on it in red. The front is all-back but you can spot the changes only when you switch on the device.

It is equipped with new Star Wars wallpapers, icons for the Android operating system and unique songs inspired by the R2D2 as well as other popular robots from the universe. OnePlus 5T Star Wars edition is expected to get launched on December 16th in India right after the day the next movie in the series witnesses its international release.

For starters, it may be sold only in India but is expected to be available in other Asian countries real soon or at least we hope they would.

Stylish Retro PS2 Theme Landing On the PS4 Console Shortly


Sony wants to celebrate the golden era of PlayStation when the console just came into being and became a massive gaming platform for decades. A stylish and retro PS2 theme is coming to the PS4 console soon.

The team has confirmed that players will be able to get their hands on the PS2 theme on December 6th which is hardly a week to go. The idea is to commemorate the era and the cool effects, design they had back in those days.

By default, the design didn’t change drastically as Sony wanted to keep things familiar and intuitive for their players. The purple templates gives a brand new look and takes you back in time which is what the developers probably wanted to convey.

It even includes sounds from the past along with the icons and dashboard which was used in the original Playstation 2 console that you can experience on the new generation Playstation 4 platform with all the latest games and functionalities

They have also released a video to show all the design changes and how they work.

Apple is Planning to Launch the Cheapest 9.7-inch iPad Yet


Inside sources confirm that Apple wants to make their iPads the best selling tablet ever and in an attempt, the company is already worked on the cheapest 9.7-inch iPad yet which will be priced at just $250.

After cutting down on some of the nifty features, Apple previously launched the $329 iPad which attracted a lot of educational institutions and paved way for boosted sales in most countries. Skipping names like Air and lightweight, they created a product which had a bigger bezel and gap between the display, increased weight but still the affordable price tag helped sell more devices

A similar strategy will be applied one more time as Apple plans to use a cheaper Retina screen, better resolution and also cut down on processor because tablet users don’t demand that much power. Besides, at $250, it will be the best media device that most buyers would expect and the price point will make the company extremely popular in growing markets where their products are considered premium in every respect.

The new 9.7-inch Apple iPad is expected to be launched in Spring 2018 but it is to be seen the kind of compromises they make to achieve the pricing.

HDMI 2.1 Makes a Big Leap and Supports 10K Resolution Way Ahead of its Time

hdmi 2.1

The patent holder behind HDMI cables seems to have made a massive jump allowing the new HDMI 2.1 cables to support 10k resolutions even when the entire world is still limping to adopt 4K videos and gaming on expensive televisions.

The full specifications of the newly announced HDMI 2.1 confirmed that the developers are hell bent are pushing things to the far future so that they don’t have to upgrade it for the next decade or so. The highest picture resolution and refresh rates can be achieved through this cable which is going to be kind of not so practical in the beginning but will slowly witness users adopting it as time passes.

After all, wired connections are always ahead of wireless when it comes to preparing for the future. Be it the internet’s ethernet cable or the HDMI, both pave way for bigger dreams. The new cable can easily handle 10K resolutions even though we don’t have any televisions that has even touch 8K in the market.

The HDMI 2.1 cable can also deliver 120Hz refresh rate in 4K resolution and can also support bandwidth up to 48Gbps which is very high compared to the last generation cable that supports about 18Gbps. The cable also supports variable refresh rate and will also be backwards compatible to support all the other cables and devices released so far.

Stylish New Philips 356M6QJAB, a 35-inch Gaming Monitor Revealed

Philips Launches 356M6QJAB 11 35-Inch Monitor-gadgetsngaming

Philips has launched the new 356M6QJAB, which is definitely a hard to remember product code gaming monitor. The 35-inch display is gorgeous in terms of build quality and design, with expectations running high already.

Competition is extremely high in the world of monitors but from the design, Philips seems to be aware of what they are competing against especially the likes of Asus, AOC, Viewsonic and Samsung monitors.

The 35-inch monitor uses an IPS display with LED backlighting and has a meager 1080p resolution. The monitor supports AMD Freesync technology making it an ideal component for people using AMD graphics cards with 5 MS response time.

It also has built-in stereo speakers, 2 HDMI ports, a 1.2 Display port, D Sub port and has Smart Image modes. The resolution is a sore thumb for such a huge 35-inch display because PC gamers love to have 4K these days or at least a reduced response time but if it is priced right, it might sell well among people who prefer budget gaming setups.

Codemasters Humble Bundle Gets You the Best Racing Titles for Just $15 or Less


Codemasters has announced their Humble Bundle and for PC Gamers, it is obvious that they can pay dead cheap rates to acquire AAA titles worth hundreds of dollars. The sale is up for a fortnight and if you hurry up, you can grab them all at once.

As with all the other bundles released so far, Codemasters generously offers four simple titles for just $1. They are the F1 Race Stars, F1 2011, F1 2012 and ToyBox Turbos. If all you need is fun titles to fend off time and check out old school simulator games like F1 without spending anything, just a $1 doesn’t matter much, then this is the one to go for.

When you are willing to beat the average price which is now at $7.74 which is bound to increase, you get some cool titles including,

  • F1 2014 & 2015
  • F1 Race Stars
  • Grid 2
  • Multiple DLCs for Dirt 4 and F1 2017 with more titles to follow in the upcoming days

The $15 deal is definitely worth your money because for racing fans Codemasters couldn’t offer more than this Humble Bundle as it offers a gorgeous collection of titles including,

  • Dirt Rally
  • F1 2016
  • Micro Machines World Series
  • All DLCs in F1 2016 and Grid 2

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is Coming to Mobile and Nintendo Switch


The original developers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are busy making the game ready for Xbox One with HDR support and controls that are very close to the PC version of the title.

Tencent, the company that worked on popular games like the Honor of Kings has been given the task to port the title to smartphones and possibly to the Nintendo Switch as well. The developers are working closely with the original team and has promised that the social messaging option as well as the shooting experience will be retained to the maximum possible level on phones.

Besides, their previous game has over 200 million users in China and is getting launched as Arena of Battle for the rest of the world soon. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will have a similar China exclusive launch first before it is available for other gamers worldwide albeit it may definitely not be exactly the same as Xbox One or the PC edition.

Tangent Launches New Wireless Spectrum X6 BT Speakers


Tangent has launched a new range of wireless, floor-standing speakers which has been named the Spectrum X6 BT so that they fall in line with the rest of the series.

Being a floorstanding speakers, the designers have designed them to be a master, slave setup so that there is equal sound distribution. Under the pure white build, the speakers are powered by 25mm soft fabric dome tweeter and are appropriately paired with a 13cm doped paper which is responsible for delivering the mids, bass for the speakers.

The manufacturers confirm that the new Tangent model is capable of delivering frequency response ranging from 50Hz to 20 Hz with a sensitivity range pegged at 90db/W/m. The master speaker is what should concern you as it is powered by two 60-watt amplifiers with all the connectivity features any buyer would expect from speakers of this range.

It has a 3.5mm analog port, stereo RCA, stereo RCA Phono input, digital coaxial inputs. The pre-out for sub-woofer ensures it gets the best power to deliver the oomph factor everyone would expect of a floor-standing speaker. Wireless connectivity makes it an able addition as it gets rid of the cables with the help of aptX Bluetooth.

Tangent Spectrum X6 BT speakers are priced at £900 for a pair and are available in both white or black colored variants.

Playstation VR Becomes the Best Selling VR Headset in the Market


For many obvious reasons, the Playstation VR has managed to dominate the virtual reality headset market for the third quarter in a row because Oculus Rift and HTC Vive is destined for hardcore PC gamers with a more expensive price tag.

Sony may not have sensed this but their $400 PS VR even though very expensive from a console viewpoint, it still is the cheapest and the easiest way to setup a VR gaming system. When people could buy the Playstation 4 console for $300 or less, they get the entire setup in less than $1000 with at least a dozen game titles.

In order to make an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive work on a computer, a powerful graphics card that costs over $500 or so is mandatory besides many other hardware components to go with it. Besides, PS VR also has many new games landing in almost every other week.


Meanwhile, HTC Vive has dropped its price to $600 while Oculus is doing the same which helped push some sales. The upcoming and cheaper versions Oculus Go, HTC Vive Focus are expanded to kickstart the PC VR gaming market which is in kind of a slump right now but may spring back with the right kind of games, movies among other entertainment content.

Samsung Reveals Graphene Batteries that Lasts Longer and Charges Faster


After flagship smartphones are done upgrading their batteries and reducing the bezels on the display, Samsung has finally started focusing on battery life which is a sore thumb in almost all devices.

The company has filed a patent for Graphene batteries which in theory can charge much faster and last 45% more than the current generation lithium ion batteries. The technology has been developed by the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, shortly known as SAIT.

Soon, all latest generation phones, possibly not the Galaxy S9 or the Galaxy S9 Plus, will start receiving the Graphene battery. They are much more powerful when compared to lithium ion because a huge battery can be fully charged in just 12 minutes which is extremely fast even when compared to the current quick charging technologies.

They are also visibly cooler at just 60 degree Celsius and may be used in electric cars in the future paving way for an electrified range of products to get launched in the market giving Samsung the edge against their director competitor, Apple.

Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Bundle Gets Discounted on Amazon

nintendo-switch-outsold ps4-xbox-one-gadgetsngaming

The Nintendo Switch console was a rarity to find on Black Friday but it is getting a flash sale discount on Amazon during Cyber Monday sales and the Super Mario Odyssey bundle is an easy pick considering it has the must-have exclusive title bundled with the console.

Amazon UK has announced that the bundle will cost just £299 which will be available only for those who come first as the offer is valid as long as stocks last. The deal seems pretty good and Amazon on all countries also have great Cyber Monday deals on a wide range of products.

Super Mario Odyssey offers a vast world and colourful levels which keeps changing from time to time providing an engaging experience on the go or on the couch, however you would prefer it. The original console is about £20 less but this particular bundle also includes the Rabbids title providing two different games along with console, making it a superb purchase during this holiday season.

You can also choose to wait for even better deals which might go live once more towards the end of the year but the Nintendo Switch is a fairly complete console with enough exclusives and third-party titles already.

Microsoft Adds All Office Android Apps to Google Chromebooks


Using a Chromebook is for the select few who loves to stay on cloud all the time but the lack of Microsoft Office apps on the laptops have finally been put to rest as the company rolls out the important suite to the product.

The idea of Chromebook is to provide a Google-friendly environment where you do almost everything online and rely on the Chrome browser as well as the GSuite apps. But, Microsoft Office is the leader of the lot when it comes to using Word, Excel or Powerpoint which has been a sore thumb in the business laptop.

The android version of Microsoft Office 365 may not be the complete version found on Desktop PCs, they are still a great way to work in a familiar interface and enjoy the convenience of the intuitive UI offered by the developers. The 10.1-inch Chromebook offers Office for free for everyone with a Microsoft account while Office 365 is a paid service on all large Chromebooks which is usually worth the yearly subscription model.


AtariBox Gets a Retro Joystick, Developers Release Photos


Bringing back nostalgia from the 70s and 80s, the AtariBox is going to make joysticks the primary controller for their upcoming AtariBox. It is being rumored that it will be a rehash of the original console and may also play new games.

A bunch of new pictures are released online by the development team which shows the joystick in multiple angles and it looks very much like a current generation controller but is very unique compared to the closely similar controllers used in PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

The design is a strong ode to the original 2600 controller and the new console looks pretty much the same as it has a wood veneer finish with a simple black and red color choices. The new console will run on a version of Linux which has been tweaked to work with televisions and the joystick will also be optimized to support most games that get released on the platform.

The Ataribox is expected to be priced at $250 to $300 on launch date but the type of games which will be made available on the system will determine if it can compete strongly against the three other current generation systems already available in the market.

DJI Goggles RE Now Provides a First-Person View of a Drone’s Flight


DJI has launched the latest version of their Goggles RE a head-mounted display which provides a first-person view of the drone’s flight allowing users to easily control its path and take shots accordingly.

The new viewer has been specifically designed to support racing drones and falls under the Racing Edition category. The sleek metallic black design would make products like the Oculus Rift and PS VR envious as DJI has achieved such perfection with the external design even though it is not a VR product on the inside.

The Racing Edition DJI Goggles are capable of receiving signal up to 7 kilometers and has a latency of just 50ms allowing most filmmakers, explorers to stay in touch with what their drone sees. The wireless interface used can be seamlessly shifted from 2.4 GHZ to 5.8 GHZ channels based on requirement and the wide-angle lens provide a 148-degree field of view.

There is a SMA port for analog transmission and the on-screen display makes it easy to get the flight information. The head tracking makes it easy to gimbal control and direct the drone in the way you want it to capture the perfect shot.

The newly released DJI Goggles RE works with Mavic Pro, Phantom 4, Inspire 2 and Spark products from the same brand. It costs about $549 and is available for purchase now.


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