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Two New Heroes Heading to Dota 2 on Nov 1st


Valve has confirmed that the next Dota 2 update, titled the Dueling Fates is arriving on November 1st.

Players have been waiting for months now for this update ever since Valve developers made the announcement. It is a big update with lots of gameplay changes and with 7.07 a lot of heroes are about to become more powerful or nerfed to balance the game better.

The big news is, two new heroes are heading to Dota 2 in a week’s time. Here’s a fantastic animated video from Valve that shows both heroes in action.

New Orange PS4 Controller Could Cost as High as $100


Sony has been meticulously expanding the line up and a new Orange controller joins the list of available PS4 controllers.

While there is already a huge collection of Playstation 4 controllers available officially through the Store, the newest DualShock 4 controller could actually shock a lot of people with its price tag. Named as Sunset Orange, to resemble the setting sun the controller is pretty much the same as the one you may already have with a PS4 console.

Set for launch on November 14th, the new Orange PS4 controller will be available in Australia and Europe to start off with. The pricing is said to be at $100 in Australia which seems to be an insane call for the regular peripheral which just sports a new color.

Pricing and availability in other regions is not confirmed yet. The new controller will soon be available in US but will not come to UK, Middle East, Africa, France and Poland among many other regions.


Breath of the Wild is More Vibrant and Colorful on PC than the Switch Edition


The Nintendo Switch exclusive title The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild now runs on PC by making use of the CEMU emulator.

Gamers and modders on the platform are not just playing it but rather making tweaks to the graphics so as to make the Breath of the Wild look as gorgeous as the game could get. After increasing its resolution to 2K or even higher in powerful rigs, the modders have now released a game pack.

If you are serious about doing it, download the file and follow the instructions meticulously to get the Zelda game to work on your PC at 2K resolution with new vibrance and contrast mods installed. Otherwise, there is always the option to just watch the video and enjoy it.

The saturation may look very heavy but it is fully customizable allowing you to get an amazing Zelda experience on PC unlike the limited features on the Nintendo Switch edition.

Microsoft Reveals New Surface Precision Mouse


Microsoft has launched a new Surface Book 2 and also rolled out Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 operating system. They also revealed the Surface Precision mouse with some unique new features.

Microsoft’s new mouse comes with dual connectivity modes – one of them is the conventional wired concept while another is through Bluetooth connection. Users can keep both modes active at the same time so as to use the mouse with different devices.

Three thumb buttons are on the side allowing people to customize it as needed. Gaming mice often comes with thumb buttons to alter sensitivity or DPI on the fly whereas it’s a new feature for an office mouse.

The total weight is at 135g and works with rechargeable batteries. Luckily, the batteries come bundled with the package and will run without the need to charge for at least three months. The Microsoft Surface Precision mouse is priced at $99.

The company has also planned to launch the Intelli mouse soon which is expected to get launched at a later date.

Nintendo Switch Outsold Xbox One and PS4 in September

nintendo-switch-outsold ps4-xbox-one-gadgetsngaming

The latest monthly report from NPD has dropped and the Nintendo Switch console has outsold the PS4 and Xbox One consoles in the month of September.

The report has been generated from the United States and it’s kind of surprising to see a console like Switch dominate the bigger platforms which have the best hardware combined with the most popular AAA exclusives. Nintendo has come out as a clear winner as it dominated the entire hardware space.

Switch along with SNES Classic Edition and 3DS sold so much in the month of September that no other console could come close to the numbers. Since its launch in the month of April, Nintendo Switch has sold 2 million units according to the manufacturer.

Exclusive games like Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Metroid Samus Returns occupied the last three places in a top ten list. Demand continues to grow with the holiday season fast approaching in the United States. Nintendo manufactures 2 million units every month for worldwide supply but might still find it tough to meet the demand this year.

New Nokia 7 Specs and Features, Introduces Weird Bothie Camera


HMD is further expanding the lineup with a new Nokia 7 smartphone and it aims to satisfy users of all ages by introducing a bothie camera. The name might sound very weird until they explain it.

Nokia 7 is the first in many ways for HMD as the company has used a glass back panel and looks very premium in every angle. The 5.2-inch phone is considered very compact and pocketable by the designers in their official blog. It features a 1080p display with Gorilla Glass 3 for extra protection.

The latest Snapdragon 630 processor powers the model with 4GB of RAM in the base model and comes with 64 GB of storage space. Camera is the highlight of this device which allows great quality photos on both sides, which is why it’s named as bothie camera.

The front end has a 5-megapixel snapper with a wide angle lens that has 84-degree of view whereas the back has a 16-megapixel camera. The Nokia 7 has Wifi AC, USB Type C and thankfully a 3.5-mm headphone jack. It runs on Android 7.1.1 out of the box and is powered by a 3,000 mAh battery.

Nokia 7 which is available only in China for now is priced at $377 for the 4GB RAM model while the 6GB edition costs $407. The phone is available in Gloss Black and Matte White variants.

Xbox One to Support Your PC’s Gaming Mouse Soon in Next Update Cycle


The fall update has been rolled out for Xbox One console with a completely new dashboard, new ways to pin content, 1080p HDR streaming and many more features to look forward to.

The team at Microsoft are already gearing up for the next alpha update which will bring support for mouse in the Xbox One console. Hardcore PC gamers who spend a lot in expensive peripherals like a gaming mouse would appreciate this addition.

Instead of playing Halo 5 Guardians and Minecraft using the controller, you may soon be able to use a mouse and take down opponents easily in multiplayer matches. However, mouse support is extremely limited as it is supported only by Minecraft so far and developers are free to decide whether they need it in their game or not.

Apart from this, Xbox One’s next update will also receive original Xbox backwards compatibility, gifting games to friends and new Avatars to spice up the colourful interface. The mouse menu will be added to the Kinect & devices page with the option to adjust the pointer speed as required.

For co-operative and single player titles, mouse will be available to use any time in supported games whereas in multiplayer you can only join servers and take part so that you don’t end up smashing controller players in competitive multiplayer matches.

Whatsapp is Now Rolling Out Live Location Sharing to All


The popular messaging app Whatsapp has officially announced that they are rolling out live location sharing feature to all.

Live location sharing has become a pretty common feature and is already available on Facebook Messenger, Google Maps and Snapchat. When all the major apps support it, the developers of Whatsapp had to obviously step in and bring it to their billion user base.

The company’s official statement suggests it will be rolled out to both iOS and Android users in the coming weeks. You can either choose to share your location with a friend or the same can be shared in an entire group to make it easy to find one another for a meet.

A working APK for android is yet to be out and the Whatsapp rollout is expected to be done one by one in all regions.

New Star Wars Battlefront II PS4 Pro Bundle is the Best Looking Pro Edition Yet


Sony has announced two new Playstation 4 Star Wars Battlefront II bundles, one of them is for the PS4 Pro while another is a standard edition.

The Sony PS4 Pro is the most powerful console from the company that can play games in 4K resolution. Just in time before the Battlefront II gets launched, the company has announced two different console bundles giving players one more reason to upgrade their system or buy a new one to join the federation.

Iconic Emblems Adorn the Console

The Star Wars Battlefront II PS4 Pro bundle features a special console design which is adorned with the emblems of the Resistance and the Galactic empire. There’s also the Inferno Squad logo which plays an important role in the single player campaign in the new Star Wars game from Electronic Arts.

Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront II PS4 Pro Bundle

The limited edition bundle is easily the best looking PS4 Pro edition yet because instead of the boring black, it now has a franchise’s logos and additional design on the controller as well making it stand out. Players will get premium content including DLC packs, epic Star cards and access to an elite hero.

The PS4 standard Edition Battlefront II bundle looks quit usual but it is for those who aren’t interested in spending too much for their gaming needs.

Star Wars Battlefront II PS4 Bundle

The Star Wars Battlefront II PS4 Pro bundle costs $449.99 and is scheduled for launch on November 14th. The standard edition PS4 model costs $299.99 and launches on November 17th.

Super Nt is the Real Super Nintendo System You’ve Been Waiting For


In this current generation, there are so many ways to play Super Nintendo games on multiple recreations of SNES consoles but the Super Nt looks like the best of them all, even though it’s tad expensive.

Playing retro games on a modern day HDTV is something most people love because of the nostalgic feel it offers and there’s no such title on any other console, be it the Playstation 4 or the Xbox One. A lot of indie games are trying to be wannabes but Nintendo is strict about patent rights and an official console is the only way to play them.

The NES Classic and SNES Classic are the two major hardware available right now priced relatively cheap at less than $70. It has about two dozen games but 100s of titles from the past were missed out and these cheap plastic consoles are never going to do the titles justice.

Enter Super Nt, made by Analogue. The company is known for bringing classic games to modern machines and authentically recreates the best of retro stuff. This time they are going to make a whole new console named Super Nt priced at $190 (quite expensive, no doubts!) and is set for launch on February, 2018.

The team has worked for 18 months to make every SNES game work flawlessly on a contemporary television. Be it the visuals, the aspect ratio or the sounds, they are recreated making use of software and hardware tweaks. The console is made using high quality plastic and Analogue has partnered with 8bitdo who will recreate classic Super Nintendo controllers into Wifi controllers to lean back at the couch and enjoy the titles.

Super Nt is not the first as Analogue has already delivered the amazing NT Mini and they promise that any SNES game, be it any region or type will work flawlessly on the new $190 console.

Moto Z and Z2 Phones to Get Polaroid Printer and Alexa Mods Soon


Motorola is adding new mods to the list of growing accessories available for the Moto Z and the Moto Z2 devices. A Polaroid camera and Alexa Speaker mods are the newest additions that users will be able to buy in online stores soon.

About four different devices are available in the market as of now. The Moto Z and Z Play were the first followed by two Z2 devices of the same category. They are of all the same size and support different modes including JBL speakers, Hasselblad camera among many others.

A new Polaroid Insta-Share Printer can soon be attached to the phone so that you can take a photo and print it instantly. The same can be done using other portable Bluetooth enabled printers and it’s unclear as to why would one want to carry a printer attached to their phone.

Moto Mods will also receive an Alexa Speaker which is integrated with microphones and a loudspeaker. Everything you speak to it will be recorded and the voice AI will respond accordingly.

The pricing and availability of these moto mods for the Moto Z phones is not known at the moment.

Microsoft is Bringing Big Changes to Windows 10 with Fluent Design


Microsoft Windows 10 is about to get a lot more fluent, as they get ready to launch Fluent Design update and the company released a new promo to showcase its uniqueness.

As promised earlier, Microsoft is building more and more on the existing Windows 10 platform rather than working on Windows 11 already. The company’s executives revealed the new Fluent Design that is about to make the operating system more fluent and intuitive than it already is.

A new promo video has been released online which should give you a clear idea of what to expect with it. Some of the features include blur effects, resized icons, and a more Metro like design within the original Windows desktop interface.

Microsoft is aiming to achieve a fluid, material and light design which has the ability to scale on desktops, laptops, tablets while competing with the likes of the iOS and Android operating system. The video promises all these and more will be delivered to users on launch when Fluent Design rolls out as an update for Windows 10 operating system.

Nintendo is Interested in Bringing Mature Content to Switch Console


Nintendo Switch is a successful console for the company that once again caters to the young kids and fun-loving groups with Mario games, Legend of Zelda and other popular first party titles.

Most gamers were surprised when Doom landed on the Switch console because such mature content never found its place on the platform. However, things are changing as confirmed by Takuya Aizu, Chief Executive of Inti Creates who promoted an adult game to the people at Nintendo and got a positive response from the company.

“I never thought they would allow me to publish a game like Gal*Gun 2 for Switch but surprisingly they did,” he exclaims.

The stance the company has taken for the Nintendo Switch seems to be very different as they are now interested in acquiring more mature audience from the West. The launch of Bethesda’s Doom, Skyrim and possibly other games indicate their new path which would make it a more open console rather than being the Zelda machine.

Rockstar’s L.A. Noire is coming soon to the Nintendo Switch and more announcements can be expected as confirmed by Shinya Takahashi who confirmed that they are committed to bringing more third-party titles onboard.

Rumored Specifications of the Razer Gaming Smartphone


The Razer gaming smartphone is getting launched this Monday but with just hours to go, the specifications of the phone are reportedly leaked and it looks very legitimate.

The specs are leaked through the GFX Benchmark listing which claims that the Razer smartphone has a 5.7-inch QHD display with an aspect ratio of 16:9 making it the ideal smartphone for media consumption as well as hardcore gaming.

Under the rumored metal frame, it is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor which is the latest of the lot coupled with 8 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage space. The device has a 12 -megapixel rear camera and an 8-megapixel front camera for your selfies. It will run on Google Android, possibly 7.0 operating system and get upgraded later.

Razer smartphone is not the first of its kind because when the company acquired the Android gaming console Ouya, the brand confirmed they wanted to bigger than being PC gaming peripherals maker. The official specs, pricing and availability will be announced soon.


Apple is Keen on Adding a Stylus to the 2019 iPhone


Apple iPhone X is the future according to the company’s big announcement and priced at a massive $999, it has already broken many of the records set by their competitors including Samsung.

The developers of Apple are extremely keen on making the phones bigger and more intuitive but in order to do so, they need to add a stylus to it. The one stylus that Steve Jobs hated the most back in the days and promoted the first iPhone as the device that uses your finger as a stylus.

With increasing screen sizes and the need for precision marking, using a stylus could definitely make things better for the 2019 iPhone as it did for the iPad Pro models. The rumor comes from a South Korean manufacturer and if it comes, it could be a huge blow on what Jobs imagined for Apple.

Anyhow, the company is hardly going in the direction the founder designed as they already made larger phones, cheaper iPads and didn’t innovate in the past years with rehashes of the same product lineup. A difficult decision for Apple but they might just do it for the 2019 iPhone.

Download Pixel 2 Wallpapers and Turn Your Phone into a Pixel Device, Sort Of!


When the Google Pixel 2 phones are not immediately available for everyone, at least you can download the Pixel 2-exclusive wallpapers right away!

The company is known for picking the best wallpapers that stand iconic for all the flagship Android phones, be it the Nexus series or the newly launched Pixel smartphones.

The collections are divided into two different categories, the Rainy Day collection and the Keep Looking collection. You can download both collection from the links provided below and maybe turn your phone into a Pixel device, at least sort of!

Check it out below.



Download the Keep Looking Collection Wallpapers Here

Download the Underwater Collection Wallpapers Here

Huawei Mate 10 Lite Rumored to Have 4 Cameras with a 5.9-inch Display

Huawei-Mate-10-Lite -gadgetsngaming

The end of 2017 is very near but we still have one more flagship launch pending, the Huawei Mate 10 Lite rumored to have front and rear dual cameras with a unique 18:9 aspect ratio.

The Huawei Mate 10 Lite will mark the company’s stronghold with a smartphone that is said to be more affordable than the original variant. The company is getting ready to announce it on October 16th which is just a day to go but rumors already claim that the specifications are available for buyers to know.

While the Mate 10 and the Mate 10 Pro specs are already known for a while now, the new Lite edition seems an interesting addition to the lineup. The bezel less smartphone has a 5.9-inch display with a resolution of 2160 x 1080 with a unique 18:9 aspect ratio. Compared to the newly launched Google Pixel 2 smartphone, this one has a much better bezel less design that most users would love.

Under the metal shell, it is powered by a Kirin 659 processor clocked at 2.36GHz which is a proprietary SoC by Huawei. It also has 4GB of RAM with a 3,340 mAh battery and 64 GB of storage space. The fingerprint scanner is mounted on the rear end.

The highlight feature, the camera on the Huawei Mate 10 Lite is a 16-megapixel primary camera on the back supported by a 2-megapixel secondary camera. The front is dominated by a 13mp and a 2mp sensor leading to much deeper, and better looking selfies.

The Mate 10 Lite is expected to cost approximately $455 which will be confirmed when it launches on October 16th.

Sony Xperia Touch Projector is $1,700 Yet It’s Out of Stock


Sony Xperia Touch Projector is an expensive technology at $1,700 yet it’s out of stock already on Amazon and the company says more stock is coming soon.

Sony has launched something kind of innovative for the masses. Powered by Google’s Android operating system, the newly announced Xperia Touch is a projector which allows users to actually touch the projection and interact with it.

While most projectors simply make your Android phones or tablet screens look large on a wall or floor, they are not something that you could interact with. Instead, you still have to interact with the touchscreen to get the work done.

Sony Xperia Touch has 10-point touch detection allowing you to make a tabletop, a wall or even the floor into a smart device. Now, you can play Angry Birds anywhere, watch Netflix or browse through products on Amazon by swiping your hands on a table.

Multiplayer games like Fruit Ninja, Badlands and Air Hockey may become extremely addictive when you directly swipe on the table along with friends to score the highest. The projector costs a massive $1,700 yet seems to be doing well in the market.

On the specifications front, the Sony Xperia Touch creates images at 23 inches up to 80 inches on a flat surface with a resolution of 1366 x 768. The device is powered by a Soc, 3GB of RAM, 32 GB storage with SD card slot, has Wifi AC, Bluetooth, Type C ports and even a 13mp camera with stereo speakers.

It runs on Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box and works with Google Assistant. The Xperia Touch is a great choice for educational institutions and offices, possibly for home users who can afford it.

Google Confirms Pixel and Pixel XL Users Can Keep Their Photos Permanently


Google recently announced that Pixel 2 smartphone owners can save original quality photos in Drive until 2020. There’s a new clarification for Pixel owners now.

After the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL launch, people were in a state of confusion as to how long and how many photos they will be able to save in the Google Drive cloud service for free. The company confirmed that original quality, which usually occupies maximum space can be saved online until 2021. From 2021 onwards, high quality resolution will automatically be saved.

However, people who are still using the original Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones have no such restrictions. They are free to save as many photos as they like with no time limitation. The 2016 model owners should be delighted by this news because they can keep all their original quality photos without having to lower the resolution or any time limit on it.

The official confirmation from Google should definitely assure all Pixel owners whereas Pixel 2 buyers have ample time until 2021 before they have to compromise with high-res photo saves on their Drive.

IGN Buys Humble Bundle, Promises to Keep Games Cheap as Always


Humble Bundle, the popular deals website which was launched back in 2010 is now purchased by IGN.

The main objective of Humble Bundle is to make games cheap so that thousands of gamers could purchase it without having to worry about spending cash. The proceedings of the sales went to charity organizations as well as the developers. Gamers had the option to choose how they like to split their payment.

The $1 bundles are the most popular of them all as they gave 3 or more games at an impossibly low rate. Next in the bundle would be the pay as you want which begins at a lower rate but gradually goes up to $6 to $10 as days progress. Majority of these Humble Bundles are focused on PC games, while some bundles discount ebooks, music and they even had a PS4 games sale once.

Humble Bundle now operates a discount store, monthly subscription service while the bundles continue to be there every month or so with newer game titles being offered. IGN promises that everything they have been doing so far will continue without any changes in it.


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