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New Apple MacBook Air 2018 Costs $2,599 with Specs Maxed Out


The long wait has finally come to an end as Apple refreshed the lineup and announced the new MacBook 2018. It is one of the most popular products out there because they were affordable, light, offered long battery life and a reliable MacOS for daily computing without a fuss.

Not everything remains the same in the Apple MacBook Air new edition, especially the affordable part. The lineup is pretty complicated right now with lots of different products at varied price points. Apple also announced the new iPad Pro 12.9 inch model, a 11 inch model and the new Mac Mini.

The MacBook Air is powered by the 8th generation Intel i5 processor which the company claims are dual core and there is some debate going on regarding the availability of such a processor. It has 8GB of RAM which you can upgrade to 16GB, 128GB storage in the base model that goes all the way up to 1.5TB SSD space.

It’s 13.3-inch display gets a brilliant bump up in resolution with 2560×1600 pixels and connectivity includes 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2. The battery life is expected to last about 12 hours, it now supports Siri, has Touch ID and the new butterfly keyboard. It does look gorgeous and slim but the pricing will determine its popularity in the near future.

Hold your breath! If you are planning to get the most expensive version of the MacBook Air 2018 available, be ready to pay a whopping sum of $2,599 according to the listings found on the Apple Website. Credit – Cnet

Samsung Showcases an Unbreakable OLED Panel That’s Also Foldable


Samsung is officially entering the world of foldable smartphones. Earlier, it was rumored that the company is going to launch foldable phones with the Galaxy S10 in 2019 and their newest announcement seems to be on par with this claim.

In an impressive video, the company showcased their new OLED panel which is literally unbreakable. The test was done by hitting the glass with a hammer and it managed to withstand it. If that kind of force couldn’t break it, then a simple drop or even if your phone is under the wheel of a car shouldn’t break it.

They further added that this unbreakable glass panel is also flexible and is expected to be widely used in smartphones, portable gaming consoles, mobile military devices and maybe even televisions in the future to make them extremely durable.

Samsung also dropped the OLED panel 26 times in a row from a height of 4 feet and it didn’t shatter. The display worked great without any issues. The upcoming Galaxy S10 is expected to be a fully foldable phone and it won’t have any annoying hinges in between. With OLED technology being their forte, Samsung should be able to achieve it.

Overwatch Free Weekend has Officially Started, Blizzard Opens Up All Heroes and Maps


The insanely popular competitive FPS Overwatch from Blizzard is getting a free weekend again this week and you will be able to play the games for a couple of days after which you can purchase it for a discounted price.

The level up, lootboxes collected and hero statistics will be retained if you buy the full game, Blizzard confirmed. They have ensured that all the heroes are open for new players to give it a shot and is also offering 18 different maps for competitive gaming against friends or other seasoned Overwatch players.

“During the free weekend, players will gain access to all game modes including Quick Play, Custom Games, Arcade and can carry forward all the customization options they create during the period. Just make sure to use the same Blizzard id when you purchase the game later on,” reads a statement from the company.

The free weekend begins on,

  • July 26th, Thursday at 11 AM Pacific Time
  • Ends on July 31st, Tuesday

Overwatch is approximately 15 GB in size and it shouldn’t be difficult for most players to download the game quickly so as to have a full weekend of shooting, spamming powers and making sure they win each round along with friends who still haven’t purchased the game yet.

You can download the game through the official game client from the Blizzard website.

Xiaomi Mi 8 is Now Official with iPhone-esque Top Notch and Sony Lens


The Xiaomi Mi 8 was the center of unstoppable rumors in the past few weeks and not so surprisingly, the manufacturer has confirmed most rumors to be true. The phone got launched today in a grant event and it’s impressive design combined with the iPhone inspired top notch could definitely make it a fan favorite yet again.

The Mi 8 is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and has 3D Face Unlock as well as the top notch. Both these features are borrowed from Apple iPhone X but everyone is doing the top notch these days. So, it shouldn’t be a huge thing to notice.

The Xiaomi Mi 8 sports a dual camera and a dual GPS setup. The phone houses a 12mp rear camera with 1.8 aperture and another 12mp telephoto lens with 2.4 aperture. The primary camera uses Sony’s IMX363 sensor and the phone’s camera has acquired a massive 99 points from DxOMark for its camera quality. That’s quite high and even higher than the Google Pixel 2 XL and the iPhone X.


A large 6.21-inch Samsung AMOLED display should favor media lovers. It sports a 2248×1080 panel but the only disturbing part is that this amazing phone doesn’t have an audio jack. Based on the announcement and conversion rates, the Xiaomi Mi 8 with 6GB RAM and 64GB storage will cost around $420.

The Mi 8 Explorer Edition with a transparent design and on-screen fingerprint scanner will be more expensive at $500. The phone is expected to eventually be rolled out to other markets outside China in June.

HTC Vive Focus Will Launch Internationally in 2018, Dev Kits Shipped


Virtual Reality could make a big boom in the market in 2018 as two of the most popular standalone VR headsets are heading to stores. HTC Vive Focus will be the first VR headset to get launched internationally, confirmed the developer and HTC is now rolling out developer kits to add new content to their upcoming device.

When the HTC Vive Focus was announced along with the Xiaomi VR headset, it was obvious that it could change virtual reality forever. Users no longer need a powerful gaming PC to run like the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive. The newly launched Focus however is standalone as it houses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset and is capable of running on its own without being wired to a computer.

HTC is ushering in a new range of technology like spatial tracking and 3D surround sound to make it as immersive as virtual reality could get. The headset can track your movement in six degrees and provide audio based on the surrounding you are in.


The company made the announcement at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco where they confirmed that the HTC Vive Focus will get launched globally before the end of this year. The developer kits will be sent to all users who signed up previously so that they can start building apps and games for the Focus.

It will be available in two different color variants, Electric Blue and Almond White. Based on the Chinese pricing, the device is expected to be priced at $650 approximately making it more affordable than owning a HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift which may require a $2,000 gaming PC to run seamlessly.

Apple is Finally Getting Rid of the Annoying Top Notch in iPhone X, in 2019


Apple iPhone X is a groundbreaking and impressive launch in many ways. But, many were not happy with the top notch and the insanely expensive $999 price tag.

The company was courageous enough to remove the fingerprint sensor and bring in the Face ID. They even removed the 3.5mm audio jack for no solid reason and kind of convinced some other manufacturers to remove the headphone jack as well.

Latest rumors claim that Apple is now developing the technology which should enable them to incorporate the front camera without a visible black top notch. The camera will possibly be embedded into the display just like how it is seen in the Essential Phone.

From a technology perspective, it’s difficult to have a front camera hidden behind the display but it is up to Apple to prove everyone wrong by innovating in this area. Vivo Apex phone has already introduced in-display fingerprint scanner which is definitely coming to Apple iPhone X 2019 edition as well as new Samsung, Google phones.

Using a pop-up camera doesn’t sound like a great idea either and it is not ergonomically possible to push the camera to the bottom of an iPhone. It is purely a rumor at this point and we still got a whole year to see how Apple handles this practical issue.

Seagate Launches New HDD Inspired by Xbox One’s Exclusive Title Sea of Thieves


Microsoft is leaving no stones unturned for their Xbox One exclusive Sea of Thieves. The company previously announced the exclusive controller which simply looks awesome and is a must-have for all gamers.

While Sony’s PlayStation 4 may have more interesting exclusive titles according to some fans, Xbox One wins the round with the best accessories and things that you could show off in style. Sear of Thieves is an amazing open world adventure which has been in beta for a long time and is about to get launched in the month of March.

The game will be available on launch date for Xbox Game Pass subscribers and it costs just $10 a month, instead of paying $60 to own it on launch date. Seagate in association with Xbox One team has launched a 2TB game drive for the console. It features the infamous skull logo on top and a very attractive purple colored finish.


Xbox gamers also get two different Sea of Thieves controller stands which are designed to sync with the controller that is already available in stores. The Seagate game drive costs $89.99 which seems reasonable for 2TB of storage and will get launched on March 20th in select locations including US, UK, Canada, France and Germany.

The controller stand costs just $14.99 while the Xbox Pro charging stand with charging capabilities costs $49.99. It will be available from February 19th onwards. The Sea of Thieves inspired special edition controller costs $74.99 and is already available with major retailers.

Google May Soon Unveil a Game Streaming Service Named Yeti


New reports confirm that Google is secretly working on building their own game streaming service named Yeti. Microsoft has indirectly confirmed that streaming services is the future for gaming by adding all their exclusives to the Xbox Game Pass.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is not going to accept any of these in the near future but everyone else is joining the fray already. Even, PlayStation got its PS Now streaming services, Nvidia Gerforce Now is one other and Google may join it with Yeti.

For a game streaming subscription service, Yeti doesn’t make any sense but it is obviously a codename which will later be changed into something more relevant. Players will pay a monthly subscription fee for which they will have access more games than they could ever play.

Instead of focusing on Xbox One, PS4 or PC, Google is going to provide the service exclusively to their Chromecast devices and the Android TV box. As Chromecast is a very cheap HDMI dongle, all you need to do is buy a compatible controller and enjoy games on the big screen. The games may not be on par with console titles but will be an Android platform with some AAA titles like Modern Combat among others.

Google is in discussion with multiple game developers at this point to get them onboard and develop exclusive titles. The pricing for the monthly subscription and the type of games that players could expect is not known at the moment. The company may also add support for Microsoft’s Xbox One controller which is the most popular model available in the market right now. As it supports Bluetooth connectivity, any television or Android TV box that supports the same will lead to a more streamlined experience.

The game streaming service from Google may not affect PS Now or Xbox Game Pass as it looks like they are going to be more Android friendly.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Will Beat Samsung Galaxy S9 to Adopt Snapdragon 845 First


The Mobile World Congress 2018 is very close and Samsung is all out to launch their big Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus smartphones. However, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S could be the smartphone to beat the company and adopt the latest Snapdragon 845 processor first.

Previously, it was believed that the company would launch the Mi 7 at the big MWC 2018 event but they backed off and will instead launch the successor to the hugely successful phone, the Mi Mix 2. The new model will have better hardware specifications as ever, better camera and most importantly much more powerful running on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

The Mi Mix 2S will adopt Snapdragon 845 much earlier to the Mi 7 and even before the Galaxy S9 which is Samsung’s touted flagship phone in 2018. Xiaomi will make their presence felt during the to showcase their products.

Leaked photographs suggest the new 2S may look a lot like the iPhone with a top black notch and bezel less display. But, it’s all pure speculations which can confirm only when the official launch takes place. The specifications of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S remains wrapped up for now but it is expected to be good enough at an affordable price tag for most buyers.

Shell Launched a Smartwatch that Transforms into a Phone


The new Shell Smartwatch aims to change the technology industry forever by being a smart watch as well as a smart phone, all at once providing people the convenience of being able to make calls on the go effortlessly.

While smartwatches are yet to find a mainstream audience, they are being widely used in the medical industry and for fitness purposes. The Shell wearable aims to provide the best of both worlds in a compact package.

A detailed video has been posted by the manufacturer giving us a brief of how the speakers and mic on the watch can be moved into position to make a call. The best part is that this piece of craft seamlessly works with all major smartwatches in the market including the Moto 360, Samsung Gear, LG G Watch and Huawei Watch.

When the battery goes off, you can actually pump the two ends of the device so as to charge it up with the help of kinetic energy. The build is priced at $250 and a Commando Edition with radio communication and military grade finish is expected to sell for $400.

LG Unveils 88-inch 8K OLED TV, World’s First and Most Expensive Television


The biggest and most visually stunning television has been announced by none other than LG. The 88-inch 8K OLED TV is the biggest in the world which sports a OLED screen for the first time and it has not been priced.

Even if LG chooses to price this particular television, it is going to be so exorbitant that most buyers will shy away from even dreaming to own it. With this announcement, the company has paved way for 8K displays and much bigger screen sizes without having to switch to projects to get that massive theater-like experience at home.

In the next couple of years, 4K is the standard resolution for which blurays are being released, Xbox One plays it seamlessly and there are many affordable televisions which has this improved resolution that is much better than 8K resolution.

LG is pioneering the idea and the new 88-inch OLED TV has a 7680×4320 resolution which is 16 times higher than a full HD model. The components used in the device are less energy consuming, doesn’t require any backlights and also promotes improved resolution much earlier in time.

LG will showcase the television at CES 2018 which happens every year in January and is the place for all latest gadgets of the year to find their way into the consumer market. Some of them are more ambitious than practical like this one.



ADATA Launched New INFAREX Gaming Mouse and Mousepad Combo


After making enough hard drives, SSDs and storage devices, ADATA is stepping big time into the gaming peripherals market and the company has officially launched the new INFAREX gaming mouse which comes bundled with a suitable mousepad to complete the set.

Going on par with all modern day gaming accessories, the mouse and even the mousepad supports RGB lighting. The INFAREX M10 mouse has a decent 3200 DPI which is more than enough for every day gaming in all genres. It also supports on the fly DPI switching with the help of the handy button near the scroll wheel.

From a design and ergonomics perspective, the mouse resembles the popular design pioneered by models like the Logitech Proteus Core, Razer Death Adder and the Asus ROG Gladius. The design has become the norm for all multi-purpose gaming mouse which usually focuses more towards FPS and RTS with limited buttons.

The Infarex M10 mouse has three different lighting options including mono-color, cycling lights and pulsing lights which is fully customizable. The Infarex R10 mousepad is an innovative product in some ways as it allows gamers to simply tap on the pad surface so as to change its lighting mode.

It is made using PVC material, is scratch resistant and looks stylish which makes it an ideal choice for gamers who prefer style with substance. The ADATA Infarex gaming mouse and mousepad is expected to be launched shortly. Pricing is not announced at this moment.

Apple Lisa, the $25,000 OS is Going to Go Free in 2018


Apple Lisa is the most successful computer apart from Apple II in the company’s history and it was the machine that made Steve Jobs so popular leading to his track record of launching the iPhone and the iPad.

When the Apple Lisa computer was sold to the general public in 1983 it was insanely expensive and when directly converted into today’s worth, it would cost about $25,000 to own. But, people still purchased the machine so as to stay ahead of the technology curve and show themselves as early adopters.

Computer History Museum which is in charge of Lisa has managed to unearth the source code of the machine and has sent it to Apple for review. Once the company confirms all details, it will be released for free for all users in 2018. You don’t have to buy the old computer for $10,000 in an auction to see how the first ever GUI actually worked.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates raced to buy the Xerox team who invented the GUI back then. However, Microsoft own majority of the shares by the time Jobs got there and it led to the team of Lisa working on a machine based on everything they learned by working through the glance they got when they visited the office.

Local Integrated System Architecture is the term Jobs associates with Lisa but most claims it was named after his daughter. The pricing also led to its big failure pushing him to the Mac team. Many weird commercials were made to sell this machine way back in the 80s and here’s one of them.

OnePlus 6 is Confident About Adding Fingerprint Scanner on the Display


OnePlus 5T just came out and is already making great sales in the market. Apart from bezel less display and 18:9 aspect ratio, the company wants the OnePlus 6 to usher in a new technology.

Apple iPhone X is considered one of the best phones that removed a lot of things including the front fingerprint scanner. However, it made it difficult to unlock the phone as you have to look into it every time to activate Face ID.

The manufacturers are working to introduce a brand new technology which will enable them to integrate the fingerprint scanner at the back of the display. When you tap on the screen, it will automatically unlock the phone and is expected to be capable of doing everything the home button does.

OnePlus 6 is still a couple of months to go until it gets launched but rumors strongly claim that they will bring in the technology which will also be adopted in all modern day smartphones including the ones from Samsung and Apple. Galaxy S9 will definitely adopt this so that they phone stays ahead of competition but OnePlus 6 which gets launched in the month of March is expected to be much cheaper, making it affordable for most buyers.

The flagship model is also expected to sport Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and may support wireless charging which is something fans have been requesting for a long time now.

Mozilla Firefox Browser Officially Lands on Amazon Fire TV


The most popular browser, Mozilla Firefox has officially landed on the Amazon Fire TV much to the delight of the those who missed having access to the browser on a popular device as this one.

The advantage it gives is that you will be able to browse all your favorite websites, find content and easily enjoy a full web experience without leaving the comfort of your living room. Some of the things the new app can do is allowing you to watch Youtube videos on the Fire TV which is otherwise a tough job unless you have a Chromecast ready to sling videos into.

It has been optimized to seamlessly work using the included remote and makes it easier to search the web, browser websites without having to move to a computer or a smartphone display.

Amazon and Google are slowly establishing a deal so that they don’t alienate their customers. However, Mozilla Firefox has made the best use of the situation by allowing users to easily watch Youtube videos and other content on their Amazon Fire TV. It also allows them to increase their user base around the globe.


Lego Batman and Harry Potter Goes as Low as $4.99 on GOG Winter Sale


The GOG Winter sale 2017 is live now. As part of the huge sale which is live till December 26th, the website is giving away one of the best games, Oxenfree for free for a limited time.

You have about 48 hours at the time of writing to grab the deal and add this indie beauty to your collection. There are so many awesome titles being sold for cheap rates at this moment but the Lego Batman and Harry Potter collection which is priced at $18.71 for the entire series just grabbed the attention too much.

Even if you are planning to go for it individually, you can purchase Lego Batman: The Videogame at $3.74, the Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes for $4.99. The same pricing goes ,for Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 and Years 5-7.

If you are so much of a fan of the Lego games and love to have some co-op titles on your PC, it is better to go for the entire bundle which costs less than $20 and the GOG deal is open for another seven days with a whole lot of games to choose from apart from these.

2018 Honda Insight is Getting Ready for Detroit Motor Show Reveal


The 2018 Honda Insight is about to make its big debut and when it makes it appearance at the Detroit Motor show in the near future, it will be a huge deal for automobile fans who are looking forward it to stir the market.

The car is about to adopt latest technology and is going with a hybrid powertrain so as to directly rival the Toyota Prius which has been gaining some momentum in the U.S. market. A simple teaser image was released by the company to keep people interested in the model before the official reveal.

Honda has confirmed that the 2018 edition of the Insight will feature a very aggressive front design combined with a metallic strip which runs along the entire front width and will also follow design pattern found in all other Honda models.

Going by the current situation, Honda has decided to not sell the new Insight in the UK but rather will create way for the CR-V 2018 model to find its own audience in the country. United States is their primary market at the moment. Electric vehicles haven’t done so well in the past but the team believes that they got everything in place to overcome typical issues found in a hybrid vehicle.

The 2018 Honda Insight is expected to be a highly power efficient model but it can be confirmed only after they make the official announcement at the Detroit Auto Show.

Honda Insight Prototype-2018-gadgetsngaming
Honda Insight Prototype

Here’s The Pricing and Specs of the Apple iMac Pro Releasing Today


Apple has developed a brand name for themselves and their products are always going to surprise you. The newly launched Apple iMac Pro is no different as it is priced at a whopping $4,999 for the entry level model.

Most users and creative people may not complain because for the asking price, the company provides a lot of value to the crowd. Even if you decide to purchase all the hardware components individually, the pricing might be the same but setting up an all-in-one compact computer as the new Macintosh is impossible and it also provides access to a slew of software programs important for editing, unlike Windows PCs.

Here is the detailed specifications:

  • 8-core Intel Xeon processor
  • AMD Radeon Pro Vega 56 with 8 GB of HM2
  • 32GB DD4 RAM
  • 1 TB SSD

Buyers have the option to upgrade their machine to go all the way up to a 18-core processor with 128GB of RAM and 4TB of SSD which will strikingly increase the overall price tag of the Apple iMac Pro.

The device sports a 27-inch Retina 5K display with 5120×2880 resolution and does support other 4K or 5K displays to be connected to it for easier task management. There is a 10Gb ethernet port, Wifi AC built-in, Bluetooth 4.2 and 4 USB 3.0 ports.

The front of the Apple iMac Pro has a FaceTime 1080p camera with stereo speakers, 4x microphones and also comes bundled with their Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard. The computer runs on MacOS High Sierra and the high-end model could as high as $10,000 as Apple didn’t confirm pricing yet.

Ataribox Pre-orders Begins Dec14th Without a Firm Release Date


Ataribox has no game lineup, a fixed price or a firm release date yet the developers have already opened the pre-orders for the box. People who are willing to join the kickstarter kind of campaign can choose to donate about $250 to $300.

The actual price of the gaming console is not set yet and in case if it is lower than the price tag, the company may choose to return the remaining sum to the players. They also confirmed that select people will get a huge discount on the launch date when they choose to support the project earlier.

It is believed that Ataribox may raise a huge sum which will help the team push production and also reveal more details about the hardware, the kind of games on the console and how it will shape up against similarly priced current gen consoles. Nintendo Switch is a direct competitor while Xbox One and PS4 is also on the line due to the $300 price tag.

Besides, Ataribox will also come bundled with a collection of retro games as well as select modern day titles to distinguish itself from its competitors.


The Best PS4 and Xbox One Game Deals Available Right Now


The holiday sales season is still a good two weeks away yet discounts have started to pop up so early and for PS4, Xbox One gamers, there isn’t any better time than now to pick the best AAA titles they could get their hands on.

Here is a massive list of game titles that you could purchase right away. Many of them that are disc copies are applicable only for players in United States but digital codes can be purchased and activate in a country of your choice.

Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition – $53.99 on PS4

Skyrim Special Edition – $20 Xbox One digital code (Amazon)

Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus Collector’s Edition – $59.99 on both Xbox One and PS4

Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition – $29.99 on PS4 digital code (Amazon)

Hey! Pikimin – $25 on Nintendo 3DS (Amazon)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered – $25.96 on PS4, Xbox One digital codes (Amazon)

Cuphead – $16.99 on Xbox One & PC (digital code on Amazon)

Mafia 3 – $9.99 on PS4, Xbox One (Gamestop disc based)


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