Popcorn Time Comes to iOS Devices, Jailbreak Not Necessary

The original Popcorn Time was shut down a long time ago because the developers couldn’t handle the copyright issues but the tool they created is still around and is now available on iOS.

Almost a year ago, the popular app which allowed users to torrent movies and watch it directly as if one would do on Netflix became a sensational hit. It got a lot of media coverage which eventually lead to its closure.

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The developers received too many threats from Hollywood as well as production houses because users had to pay nothing to access the service. It uses torrent files of different movies, television series and other video content. You can easily stream any movie you would love.

What made is so popular is its user interface which had amazing movie posters, details and the ability to favorite titles. You could even choose flicks based on categories like action, horror, romance among many others. The illegal Netflix is now more legal than ever because there are at least six different versions of Popcorn time making rounds.

The Popcorn time.io is the best of them all which is now available on all iOS devices. Download the official installer from the website, transfer it to your iPhone or iPad and install it. As ISPs could monitor the content, the new app comes bundled with a VPN which when switched on provides complete anonymity, reported Life Hacker.

The developers have found a way to make the app work on iOS devices without having to jailbreak them which is an added advantage. Many movies and television content are legally available for cheap rates in the United States.

Netflix is just $10 or so a month and the same goes for Hulu but for people on other countries, there’s hardly any option which is when an app like Popcorn time comes as a savior.

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