How to Stream Movies, Music and Files from PC to your Android Phone or Tablet?

In a digitally connected time, it is really easy to enjoy all your movies from your collection on an Android phone or tablet. All you need is one app – the ES File Explorer.

Most Android smartphones and tablets come with micro SD card support using which you can use 32 GB or 64 GB memory cards. You can even store all your movies, music and files in them but despite all these upgrades, PCs continue to be on the top.

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When you purchase and download digital content onto your PC which easily has 1 TB or more space to store them all, it is good only when you are able to wirelessly stream them without having to copy paste them into your phone’s memory every time. It saves a lot of time and lets you enjoy a wide range of collection like never before.

ES File Explorer

Most people would instantly suggest Plex which is definitely the ultimate app when it comes to streaming connect between multiple devices and even relay it on your tv using a Chromecast stick or Roku box.

Plex has a nice user interface, posters and movie information but the problem is that you don’t have complete access to our files in it. If you have to find subtitles, rename a particular file, move or delete it on your phone which would also reflect on your PC’s hard drive, ES File Explorer is the best choice.

The reliable Android app is best for streaming movies, music and more from your PC to your phone or tablet using your wireless LAN connection.

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1) Check if your computer and Android phone/tablet is connected to the same network.
2) Download the latest version of ES File Explorer from the Google Play Store.
3) Open it and navigate to the LAN page within the app.
4) Click scan and it will automatically find your PC’s drive as well as other computers in the same network.
5) Enter your computer’s username and password to gain access.
6) You are done! Start streaming!

ES File Explorer has a Chromecast plugin as well which makes things real easy. Using the plugin, you can use your Android device as a medium to browse your collection on your hard drive and stream movies to your HDTV. Buying a Google Chromecast stick is mandatory!


ES File Explorer
ES File Explorer Chromecast Plugin
Plex for Android
Plex for PC

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