Steam Limits New User Accounts Until You Spend $5 On It

A lot of games on Steam are free to play and even the most popular Dota 2, Team Fortress 2 is completely free. All you have to do is create an account using your e-mail id and you will be playing your games immediately.

It is what is being considered the best aspect of being a PC gamer because technically all you have to do is just buy a computer hardware and there will be plenty of games to play immediately. A similar offer is given by Origin as well. You can create Electronic Arts Origin account to play all their free games and also get those on the house titles from time to time.

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Limited User Account

Because of it being completely free, a lot of users on Steam started creating fake accounts with a sole motive to spam other users. They will send friend requests and even distribute malicious content through it. Besides, it is really annoying with those people trying to spam you repeatedly which has now been fixed.

Steam has decided to limit user access as soon as they create an account. The limited accounts will not be able to start a group chat, send a friend request or vote for games that are waiting in greenlight area. Most users used these spam accounts to leave fake reviews as well which created a lot of chaos. This should now fix them all, believes the company.

Spend $5 Compulsorily

With the new update, Steam now asks you to spend $5. It is more than just asking because it is mandatory to spend that money. And, the annoying restriction is that this will not be calculated based on free to play games or downloading demos. It won’t matter even if you pay to buy a retail game and activate it on the digital distribution platform.

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Players have to be done directly on Steam and if it is not done using USD for transactions, the local currency will be converted accordingly to match the $5. Only after it is made, you will gain full access. It is a boon for a lot of players who are irritated by so many spam friend requests on their account.

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