Microsoft Windows 10 and Direct X 12 is Coming this July, AMD Leaks

AMD had an investor call and without intending to, they simply revealed the release date of Microsoft Windows 10 and the gamer’s delight Direct X 12.

During the meet, they spoke about different aspects of their company, the future of processors and graphic cards after which the topic moved to Windows 10. They said that the operating system is getting launched in the last week of July, according to AMD.

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It is no surprise but when everyone was looking forward to a word from Microsoft, it came from a surprising source. Yet, we could easily say that this is legitimate because the developers already confirmed that they are looking at a summer launch. The technical preview is now available while the consumer preview is yet to be out for the wide audience.

Metro Apps on Desktop and Spartan Browser

Some of the interesting features found in the operating system include the new Metro apps which are now available on desktop mode and the next is the Spartan browser. Internet explorer is finally going to the grounds and the new browser could easily revolutionize the way we browse the internet. Chrome and Firefox will definitely find a tough competitor here.

Direct X 12 Gaming

AMD confirmed that they will be launching Direct X 12 compatible cards soon and the good news is DX 11 graphic cards will be partially compatible with this new plugin. They will support graphical improvements yet if gamers wish to experience it fully, they may have to upgrade to a new card in the future.

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Nvidia will also be bringing out their own big guns to the game real soon. If you are looking forward to Windows 10 launch, you may have to wait two more months before it is officially out. It is going to be the best OS from Microsoft in a long time and designed for the future.

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