Assassin’s Creed Chronicles Launch Trailer – Beautifully Crafted and the Best Soundtrack Ever!

Game developers are slowly grasping the idea to not incorporate too much of gameplay but rather focus on making cinematic launch trailers with amazing soundtrack. Assassin’s Creed Chronicles which launched today has the best music and artistically designed launch trailer.

Following Assassin’s Creed Unity, this one is a 2.5D game that the developers have come up with. Originally, it was part of the season pass but due to too many bugs in the old game, it was cancelled and Chronicles became a standalone title. The game has two more iterations coming up next.

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The first Assassin’s Creed Chronicles follows the story of a female protagonist set in China and is similar to the Prince of Persia game from the 90s. The game takes you to some of the iconic locations including the Great Wall of China, Port of Macau and Maijishan Grottoes.

She is equipped with weapons like rope darts, daggers and shoe blade which is more than enough to get you through. Shao Jun is the lady who is seeking revenge similar to many AC titles and the title shows some of the best gameplay moments accompanied by an amazing soundtrack.

The launch trailer is for PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms on which the title is getting launched. The title is developed by Climax Studios who earlier worked on Silent Hill Shattered Memories.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles will continue in Russia and then move to India. The Russian story follows the time during the Red October revolution while India is all about the revolt during the 19th century Sikh empire. It is going to be a fun ride with the franchise and this year we have more Assassin’s Creed than ever because there was Unity, Rogue and now Chronicles! The last one is definitely a worthy addition to the franchise.

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