Star Wars: Battlefront has Heroes, No Space Wars and Could Run at 60 FPS

Being developed by DICE, the people behind Battlefield obviously generated a lot of interest and Star Wars: Battlefront is not a sequel but a reboot confirmed the team.

They have changed the way the title plays in a lot of ways so as to make it a worthy multiplayer title for seasoned players. After making some of the best Battlefield games, fans have a lot of hope on them for this one. But, if you are looking forward to a similar BF experience in the Star Wars universe, better don’t because it is not designed that way.

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Star Wars: Battlefront Details You Need to Know

60 FPS – They are trying but maybe or maybe not based on final results.

Heroes – Yes, confirmed! Heroes are there in Battlefront. Darth Vader and Boba Fett is just the beginning as there will be more additions in the near future.

Maps – Set in four planets including Sullust, Endor, Tatooine and Hoth. There will be at least 2 maps per planet and minimum 8 maps on launch (Read DLC maps are on the way!)

Map sizes – Don’t expect Battlefield again because the size of maps could drastically vary from being very small to huge. But, with only 40 players at max, it is definitely not going to be the Caspian Border you are used to but it won’t be small as Titanfall either. AT & Ts need space to walk right?Star Wars Battlefront EA

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Air Combat – Air combat will be there in the skies but no space wars. When DICE developed it, players definitely expected the game to go to space as the movies does. But, it won’t as it might be too much to handle. You can be with the rogue squadron and enjoy dog fights.

Power Ups – It will be part of the game and the shield is one of them as shown in the trailer. Players will also have a progression system where they could unlock a lot of new items and have better control over the battles.

Heroes are available based on modes. Heroes and villains have direct battles as well, confirmed a new tweet from the developer. Game modes are not revealed for Star Wars: Battlefront yet. The PC specs are not disclosed but the team promises that it will look best on every platform, maybe with lower frame rates.

Everything about Battlefront is revealed by DICE in here –

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