Konami Focuses on Mobile Gaming, Fights on EA and Ubisoft

After quite a period of struggling for Konami against gaming industry giants such as Electronic Arts and Ubisoft (who dish out AAA titles on a yearly basis), the company decides to centre their attention on Mobile platforms which seem to be working out pretty well for them. The company stated that mobile was their closest platform and it’s also where gaming’s future dwells. Konami hopes to do much better with Metal Gear Solid series as well as Pro Evolution Soccer series. Even though the company seems to have a point (a very minor one at that), in reality, they couldn’t be more wrong.

People’s views on gaming has changed dramatically over the last decade. What was once considered as a pass time for nerds and kids is now on the hands on every possible human who has access to simplest of technology such as smart phone running Android OS. But that doesn’t mean a simple game of Candy Crush can satisfy the needs of a hard-core gamer who plays Battlefield 4 and Grand Theft Auto 5.

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Although in recent times, EA and Ubisoft have been focusing more on the revenue side rather than developing good games that doesn’t require billion patches before they’re even remotely playable. But still, these ‘buggy’ games are way above simple mobile title which are mostly “Free-To-Play” that can bankrupt most people out there.

Sure there is the console and PC wars but it’s obvious that almost all the platforms, let it be the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U or PC, all them have solid titles in their own way which live up to the gaming standards. In contrast to what Konami says, the future of gaming is definitely not in the hands of any particular platform but rather in the hands of gaming itself.

Source: Forbes

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