LG Launches a HDTV that is Just 1mm Thick and Sticks to the Wall

The concept is purely in its early stages now but in the near future you will be able to buy OLED televisions that will stick to the wall and LG might be the first one to make it.

In their recent press event, LG showcased a new breed of television which is known as the wallpaper tv that is measured at just 1mm in thickness. It is a proof of concept television which has a 55-inch screen size and uses OLED technology to render images.

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Weighing at just 1.9 kilograms and powered by a magnetic mat on the back, you can simply stick the television to any wall. If you don’t like it in your living room, just tear off the mat from the wall and move it to your bedroom. Things couldn’t get more futuristic than this for now.

At the moment OLED televisions are quite pricey and LG’s own models are at $9,000 or higher. But, it is considered to be the future as LCD, LED and Plasma are almost out of the race. Among them, Plasma is a good option for amazing color reproduction and it is cheaper but as it may affect revenue, companies choose to skip it.

Besides, high power consumption, heat and weight has been plaguing plasma televisions ever since they got launched.

LG in the meet confirmed that they have managed to mass produce these OLED screens and are ahead in the race yet it may take more time for consumers to adopt these products wholeheartedly. Maybe, if companies choose to bring down the pricing, it might just happen.

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