Samsung has Plans for Transparent OLED Screens and Mirror Displays

Technology is fun but it is only at rare occasions that it surprises the crowd. Samsung proposed transparent OLED screens and mirror displays which will definitely make heads turn.

If you can check out the pictures below, televisions might soon become a piece of glass perched on top of your table. You have to actually turn it on to see that is could display content. The innovative idea is that it will look the same even if viewed from behind. There won’t be a boring black, back panel anymore!

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Combined with Intel Real Sense technology, the mirror display will create a virtual fitting room and uses 3D cameras to project content into the space. It will pave way for interactive advertisements like when a customer walks over, it captures their face and displays them in a new costume or jewelry to impress them.

OLED has the best contrast and color which makes it the future display that every individual would want. Samsung has been pushing it feverishly and a lot of other companies will soon follow their path if the transparent displays become a hit venture.

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