Canadians Get Special PS4 Bundles from EA Sports and 2K Games

Almost every other news is focused on US, UK and Europe right? Don’t worry, Canadians! We have got you covered this time!

Sony has announced exclusive PS4 bundles with EA Sports NHL 18 and 2K Games NBA 2K18 which will be available only for buyers who live in Canada. While the NBA bundle priced at $379 doesn’t offer anything unique, the other one does.

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NHL 18 Playstation 4 bundle features unique jerseys, players and a lot of game modes including co-op, multiplayer which Sony thinks Canadians would love. After all ice hockey is a favorite sport in the country and there is very little reason to not pick up any one of these, based on your interest.

Both PS4 bundles featuring NBA 2K18 and NHL 18 is priced at CAD $379.99. They hit stores on September 15th, just three more days to go.

NBA 2K18 PS4 Bundle - Gadgetsngaming

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