New Remote and 4K HDR Streaming, Roku’s Bringing a New Stick Your Way

The end result was obvious from the beginning! When Apple 4K TV and Chromecast Ultra is making a lot of noise, the biggest competitor Roku is not going to simply just sit and watch. They have their own arsenal to unveil.

Inside sources confirm that the company has some big announcements to make before the end of the year. The first and important of the lot is the 4K HDR Roku Streaming Stick+ which will bundle all the features that buyers ask for and more.

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The compact HDMI stick will support 4K video streaming on Youtube, Amazon Video, Netflix and all your favorite streaming services. It will also be bundled with a redesigned remote that caught our eye. In the 2017 model, Roku is planning to add a red power button on top to make it easy to switch it on or off.

The volume rocker buttons will be found in more remote models than before and may remove the IR inspired Sideclick by introducing HDMI CEC capabilities. 4K HDR Roku Streaming Stick+ is expected to cost 1/3rd of what Apple 4K TV costs making it a strong contender in the market, even for the Google Chromecast Ultra and Amazon Fire TV.


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