Cello Smart TVs Now Have an Integrated Soundbar

While Cello is not the go to brand for the average consumer, it has its own set of buyers who love the brand. The long running complaint is that their televisions don’t offer proper sound through the built-in speakers.

Responding to this claim, Cello has introduced a range of new televisions which have an integrated soundbar in them. By default, it spoils the design and the sound output may not be as impressive when it is done by a speaker attached to a display. It is because of this reason most people buy 5.1 surround sound or individual speaker systems.

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Cello’s new range of smart TVs powered by Android operating system are available in different sizes ranging from 32 inch to huge 65-inch displays. The bottom soundbar has four drivers in the entry level model while the big screen version has six drivers for maximum throw.

All Google Android apps work on this television like a large screen tablet which also includes Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and BBC iPlayer. The Cello 32-inch HDTV with a soundbar costs £300 in the UK, 43-inch at £450, 55-inch at £680 while the biggest 65-inch model costs £980.

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