NVIDIA Builds a New Computer to Power Level 5 Autonomous Cars

NVIDIA is a popular graphics card developer who also specializes in developing their own chipsets and SoCs. The company’s Tegra processor is a popular choice in their Shield set top box, in many cars and even the Nintendo Switch console.

Nvidia provides the technology semi-autonomous cars needs to process information gathered through the satellite and navigate on their own. With a goal to push things further, the company has recently developed a brand new computer which will power all future Level 5 autonomous cars.

For the uninitiated, Level 5 cars are the ones you have seen in sci-fi movies. They are capable of driving on their own without any driver intervention. You can simply rest in the backseat as the car is capable of understanding the road, traffic, control speed and navigate to the desired location automatically.

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Named as Nvidia Drive PX Pegasus, the new computer is capable of processing huge chunks of data acquired through LIDAR sensors, GPS and other sensors. The motherboard with the SoC is barely the size of a license plate and the same technology will be used in all Nvida graphic cards set for launch in 2018.

About 25 different automobile manufacturers are planning to use the new Nvidia PX Pegasus computer which will not only drive people to their locations but can also deliver online purchases to your doorstep without a human driver on board.

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