Thrustmaster Launches Dual Joystick T.16000M FCS Space Sim Duo

Gaming peripherals are now limited to mouse and keyboard but Thrustmaster wants to change it with their new dual joystick T.16000M.

Designed specifically for mech warrior and space simulator games, the new dual joystick looks unique and is very retro as gamers rarely use joysticks to play their favorite titles. However, steering wheel continues to be on the top choice due to the sheer number of racing games available.

All games that are designed to be controlled using two analog sticks or joysticks will be supported by this new Thrustmaster product. It is powered by HEART HallEffect AccuRate Technology. The technology makes use of 3D magnetic sensors and the entire movement is carried out in a frictionless setup to ensure accuracy.

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Over 32 action buttons can be found on these two joysticks marked using braille design for easy identification. They move in 4 independent axes. When players use the Thrustmaster dual joystick T.16000M Space Sim Duo, they can make use of the company’s proprietary software to create custom profiles according to the type of games they play.

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