Honda Launches a RoboCas, CargoBot at Tokyo Auto Show

Honda had a promising EV concept which was revealed at the Tokyo auto show but the company didn’t stop there, as they unveiled RoboCas, a CargoBot to help people carry things around easily.

Asimo is a popular robot made by Honda in the past and instead of trying to make robots think on their own with artificial intelligence, the company has identified what people really need and deliver something that works great in real world usage.

The RoboCas concept bot is definitely a welcome addition which looks like an ice cream truck which has a large storage space and can be used to haul content from one place to another. People can use it take pumpkins from the farm to their home, use it to distribute lemonade or keep things on them like an automated trolly to serve a group of kids on a picnic.

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Sadly, RoboCas is not going into production any time soon because it is just a concept bot combined with a robo-cooler to keep drinks fresh and cold. The idea is fun but the cost seems very high at the moment and an affordable option is under development. For now this is a cool idea for the future of robots and Honda likes to pioneer it further.

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