Xbox One X Will Not Downscale 1440p to 1080p on 2K Displays

Based on the promotions you have seen, most gamers by now know that Microsoft’s $500 console the Xbox One X runs games at 4K on UHD televisions and upscales on 1080p to provide the best resolution.

What happens when the Xbox One X is plugged to a 1440p gaming monitor? Microsoft in a statement confirmed that it will not downscale 4K output to just HD on these monitors because the all-powerful console has been designed to render games in 1440 resolution on 2K displays.

Gamers who are ardent PC lovers and may want to hook up their new console to a monitor in which such resolutions are normal, should rejoice now as it has been officially confirmed. The company has always had a strong liking for Windows 10 and computer gaming because Microsoft owns them right?

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With just days to go, the Xbox One X truly seems to be a powerful gaming alternative even for PC gamers especially when the team confirmed they will support 1440p resolution and for $500 it is next to impossible to setup a 4K gaming PC which makes the new Xbox a viable choice for gaming.

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