PS4 Pushes Sales with New Gran Turismo PS VR Bundle

Sony’s PS4 console is gearing up for Black Friday and the upcoming holiday sales season. They have launched a new Gran Turismo PS VR bundle which will help virtual reality technology reach the average gamer.

Considering the price point of $400, it is tough to prescribe PS VR as a must-have gadget for gamers because they can easily get all they want and more entertainment with the Playstation 4 console with its exclusives and awesome power that renders most titles in 1080p. However, the company wants to push in an era of VR gaming and this racing title should make things more interesting for the lot.

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Gran Turismo works only online and has three different modes, campaign, sports and arcade to choose from. If you are planning to go for this bundle, it includes a physical copy of the game, the PS VR headset, the Playstation Camera and a new PSVR demo disk which includes demos for 13 different virtual reality enhanced titles to play with. U.S. customers can buy the bundle for $400 which doesn’t seem to have any special discounts while Canadians should pay $500.


In order to make use of this bundle, you should own a Playstation 4 console and the Dualshock 4 controller because Gran Turismo runs on the console whereas the PS VR is just an accessory that enhances the overall gaming experience.

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