EA Removes Refund Button on All Games Following Star Wars Battlefront II Issue

A huge outcry followed when Electronic Arts justified that the grinding system in Star Wars Battlefront II to unlock Darth Vader, Yoda among other heroes that has led to the company removing the refund button.

The issue took place on Reddit and the website made sure their voice was heard all over the web, as the most popular gaming media websites covered the news. Everyone highlighted that EA’s account and their comment got over 265,000 downvotes when they said that playing 40 hours to unlock one hero is rewarding an achievement players should come to enjoy.

However, most considered it to be nuisance because after paying $60, they are forced to pay more to get all heroes or spend more than 200 hours even to unlock three to four heroes to play them. Everyone else who has money to waste can do so while most are not happy with it.

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With the removal of the refund button, players no longer can cancel their pre-order for EA’s Star Wars BF 2 game. They have to manually call the customer care which takes about 1 hour on hold in order to place the cancellation or they should wait until the game is released after which the refund button will appear.

Either way, Electronic Arts had finally managed to push players and even their hardcore fans to the extreme level which will reflect in the sales of all their future titles or at least we hope it would to put an end to microtransactions as well as the concept of season pass, DLCs to milk a franchise as much as possible.

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