Fisker Patents Solid State Batteries for Cars, Could Recharge in Just One Minute

Majority of people don’t believe electric cars because of the time the batteries take to charge and the availability of charging points. Fisker seems to have a solution in hand, the solid-state batteries which could be recharged in under a minute.

Henrik Fisker is the man behind the company who has filed patent for this new technology. He confirmed that the new batteries will be found in cars from 2023 onwards which will drastically change the way EVs work and make sure people adopt the technology without second thoughts.

When compared with current generation batteries, the solid-state batteries are 2.5 times more powerful and dense in energy allowing people to travel up to 500 miles or more on a single charge. The current big number lies at 300 miles or so but this further pushes the distance electric cars could cover in the near future.

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Within a minute, these batteries can be recharged as they are powered using a solid material unlike current lithium ion batteries. They are not used in mass production yet but Fisker is confident that it is possible and are already working towards making it a in their eMotion series.

The first eMotion car costs $130,000 and can run up to 400 miles but doesn’t use solid-state battery yet manage to cover so much distance with conventional battery technology. The second car in the series will make use of the new implementation.

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