Apple Lisa, the $25,000 OS is Going to Go Free in 2018

Apple Lisa is the most successful computer apart from Apple II in the company’s history and it was the machine that made Steve Jobs so popular leading to his track record of launching the iPhone and the iPad.

When the Apple Lisa computer was sold to the general public in 1983 it was insanely expensive and when directly converted into today’s worth, it would cost about $25,000 to own. But, people still purchased the machine so as to stay ahead of the technology curve and show themselves as early adopters.

Computer History Museum which is in charge of Lisa has managed to unearth the source code of the machine and has sent it to Apple for review. Once the company confirms all details, it will be released for free for all users in 2018. You don’t have to buy the old computer for $10,000 in an auction to see how the first ever GUI actually worked.

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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates raced to buy the Xerox team who invented the GUI back then. However, Microsoft own majority of the shares by the time Jobs got there and it led to the team of Lisa working on a machine based on everything they learned by working through the glance they got when they visited the office.

Local Integrated System Architecture is the term Jobs associates with Lisa but most claims it was named after his daughter. The pricing also led to its big failure pushing him to the Mac team. Many weird commercials were made to sell this machine way back in the 80s and here’s one of them.

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