Insta 360’s New GO – The Stabilized Camera in Action

Here is good news for vloggers and media people out there. Insta 360 has released its insta360 GO which is claimed to be the world’s smallest stabilized camera. The company has assured 6X lighter and twice the stability of motion cameras.

Are you a vlogger who is constantly working on videos with poor motion clarity? Are you someone who is striving to give the best of your videos to your viewers, now grab this beautiful chance of owning the world’s smallest stable camera for your vlogs.

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Insta360’s GO Design:

The Insta360 GO is designed in such a way that it is compatible and can be fitted to different products, surfaces, and clothes to help you with the handsfree shooting. Provided you can wear it around your neck with the help of a magnet pendant.

In order to keep motion smoother, the company has designed it with a 6-axis flow-state stabilizing. The stabilization feature works great with insta360 One X 360 degree camera for smooth footage.

The GO is featured with a magnetic body and designed to work hand-in-hand along with a variety of accessories. The GO can also be taken underwater and mount to surfboards and vehicles.

Insta360 Shooting modes:

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The device captures at a resolution of 2720 x 2720 and crops image in 1080p during export which is a result of the stabilization technology used in it. A standard shooting mode of 25fps and a 30 fps time-lapse is mentioned. This can help you record around 8 hours and includes a hyperlapse mode that shoots up to 30 minutes in order to generate a 5-minute video.

Added to the simplifying capture the insta360GO helps with editing sharing images using the FlashCut auto-editing feature. The software is expected to make use of “AI” in order to sort the best clip you capture throughout the day.

If you are an expert at editing your own pics Insta360GO allows to you perform your own actions. The biggest drawback would be the battery life which is limited to 200 clips per day as mentioned in the specs. The camera is meant to charge when it is not in use.

Indeed it is the biggest challenge for the ones who try to record using InstaGO for a long time. But this can ensure to be carried with you any time even when you miss your smartphone.


Insta360GO at 325$ would never be the cheapest option still the add ons with the product makes it cool for a purchase. The Insta360 GO comes with a charging case, a pendant magnet that can be worn around your neck, a stand and a clip for clothing.

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Added you are given a sticky mount for the smooth surfaces. I hope this tech will definitely help a lot of vloggers in a better way in spite of its charging drawbacks. Let’s see how this technology gathers its mass in the market. Drop-in your experience with insta360GO in the below comments we would be happy to hear it from you.

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