4 Features That Makes iOS13 a Must-Have Upgrade on your iPhone

Apple rolled out iOS13 just in time when the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, Pro Max models are getting launched in stores today in select countries. Everyone who owns a compatible device, even older ones are supported by the latest update.

Without having to think twice, we can say that Apple has done an excellent job this time around making the upgrade worth it for everyone using the iPhones and the iPads.

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OLED Displays Look Better on Dark Mode

The Dark Mode is just perfect especially on the newest OLED displays on iPhone X and other models. It helps reduce the screen brightness and makes it easy to use in the dark. Everything including the settings menu and even the wallpaper of your choice will slightly dim. You can either manually activate it or set it to a timer to automatically switch on during night times.

Photos are Clutter-Free

The photos app now allows users to sort their pictures using different options like Years, Months and Days. There is also All Photos which is once again cluttered with everything you have captured throughout the years. Instead of having to scroll through so many, you can just sort is based on month or year making it less clutter to work with.

Swipe Your Text

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Swiping to quickly complete a sentence on a third party keyboard is not a nifty feature. Instead of manually pressing one by one, you can just swipe all the alphabets to form a sentence. Apple has now officially integrated it inside their default keyboard and you don’t have to download another one to get this done.

Apple Opens Up to Xbox One and PS4 Controllers

Apple Arcade for gaming is all the big range and in order to support their subscription-based gaming platform, iOS3 is now designed to support both Xbox One and PS4 controllers via Bluetooth. The company’s closed ecosystem is slowly opening up which is good for everyone.

In iOS13, you will also find better memojis and the ability to control your cursor to select text by grabbing it with your finger. All these things such as cursor management or bluetooth peripherals used to be much easier on a computer but bringing it to smartphones took so long but at least Apple is doing it now which deserves credit.

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