PUBG Halloween 2019 Brings New Costumes for Players

PUBG is all the rage in this era despite so many copycat titles vying for some of the market share. PUBG Halloween 2019 is yet another celebration mode for its ardent fans. The game recently added a new map for players on PC, Xbox One and PS4 besides bringing lots of new weapons, modified Erangel map among other improvements.

The game has an even larger fan base on the mobile platform around the world. With lots of events around the end of 2019, Halloween in October will be the first one to grace the game with special costumes that you can purchase and also win through loot boxes.

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A screenshot of the game showcases some of the popular costumes including a skeleton wear, lion’s face and couple of other designs coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The company in their official blog has confirmed that they will be available for purchase for a short period, possibly till the end of October.

Scary Costumes are Up for Sale

The costumes will be sold with 33% off and the choices available include Pirate Captain, Swashbuckler, Scarecrow sets and the Skeleton Queen. All these already look exotic in the screenshot found above but they are going to look even better when you go online wearing them.

After all, the game has been pretty quick to roll out updates and also provides a serious gaming arena when compared with the likes of Fortnite. The update will be rolled out along with Patch 4.3 which will be available on all major platforms and we presume it will be available for iOS, Android devices as well in the following days.

PUBG 4.1 Update

Apex Legends is another Battle Royale game and 2019 witnessed the rise of too many similar games but PUBG has managed to retain its place so far. Whether these titles can stay abreast and ensure they continue to be so popular because with passing time, some of them seem to be losing their player base and popularity due to multiple choices available.

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For now, you can enjoy PUBG Halloween 2019 celebrations with new costumes as well as a great choice of weapons and new maps to compete against your friends online.

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