Apple’s iOS 13.2 comes with a Deep Fusion

After Apple’s iPhone launch, the giant has come up with two iOS updates 13.0 and 13.1. Today Apple has released it’s iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2 which is for the iPhone and iPad.

People would have normally expected the bug fixes and a few security improvements with the new iOS upgrade. But Apple has come up with a couple of new features.

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In today’s post, let us consider these new features and try to know what they do. Nobody would miss surprises, neither you.

Let’s get started!!!

When it comes to texting and messages Apple is well known for its Emojis. The company is planning to use Unicode 12.0 which was an initiative on the occasion of Emoji Day.

Emoji Day emerged from nowhere and the legendary companies Google and Apple decided to spotlight the occasion by building new combinations of emoji.

Now, it is possible for users to create any possible combination of emojis like couple emojis with different skin tones and reactions. Provided there is new access to the focused emojis which includes the service dog, people using a wheelchair, prosthetic arms and legs, person with a white cane and much more.

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You can also find various animals and yawing face and food options that might interest you to have fun with your friends. These are some of the most interesting emoji’s that people would always love to use with their dear ones. And yes, Apple has brought it live.

If you are an Apple 11 or an 11-pro user, the new iOS 13.2 will allow you to make use of the deep fusion functionality.

Deep Fusion Functionality:

Deep Fusion is an image-processing feature that portrays your image even better. You need to thank the machine learning-enabled processing for the new feature.

Provided there is an additional feature on the Camera app that allows you to manage or control the resolution and the frame rate of the videos. Isn’t that interesting?

There is another update with the Siri functionalities in which you can avoid sharing Siri recordings with the Apple employees and even delete your Siri and dictation history. To opt-out at any time. Go to,

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Settings –> Privacy –> Analytics and Improvements

HomeKit Secure Video:

The Apple iOS 13.2 now enables HomeKit Secure Video for HomeKit enabled cameras. It has also provided support to the newly announced AirPods Pro.

It is good to backup your device before you upgrade to the new iOS 13.2. Ensure that your iCloud backup is up to date. You can do that by opening the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and grab your account information which is available at the top of your device name.

You can even backup your iTunes manually by connecting it to your computer. Encrypt backup, The most important thing that you need to do once you backup your iTunes. The iTunes backup can be saved with a password. When you are done, navigate to the Settings app and get the software updated. Your device automatically starts to download the software and get it updated.

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