Need for Speed Heat 10-Hour Trial Opens on EA Access

Electronic Arts is not giving up on the biggest racing franchise ever and Need for Speed Heat is the latest in the series. The game is scheduled for launch on November 8th but before its official launch, it has been revealed for players who have subscribed to EA Access.

EA Access is the subscription gaming vault for which the publisher brings all major titles in a span of three months or so after their initial release. Instead of buying the game outright for $60 during the launch year, you can instead go for the monthly fee of $5 a month. The advantage is that not only FIFA 20, NFS series and Battlefield games but you will gain access to at least a dozen new titles every year.

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Some of the popular games that are worth the subscription are Unravel duology, older Need for Speed games and Star Wars Battlefront among plenty of other AAA titles. Need for Speed Heat has been launched days earlier for EA Access members in order to give them a quick taste of the game before it is officially launched for everyone else.

Instead of going with a demo like in the past, this allows you to play the game for full 10 hours before locking you out of the title. Once you have finished upgrading your car and progressing in the single player as well as multiplayer missions, all of them can be carried forward into the full game.

EA Access subscribers will also receive 10% discount on Need for Speed Heat and you can purchase the game for $54 instead of the original $60 price. The pricing is much higher and most players may choose to buy the game on PS4, Xbox One or PC months later. But, if you have already subscribed you will probably get the title much earlier in the vault than having to purchase it outright.

The open-world racing game in the NFS series features no loot boxes and EA has also confirmed that they will be removing premium access on Battlefield games. It is a good sign for the future as games become more full-fledged instead of being sold in installments and additional in-game purchases.

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