Just Cause 4 and More Games are Free to Play This Weekend on PC

Steam is a great way to enjoy free PC games through free to play weekend and Just Cause 4 has just joined the lot. You can play the open world action, adventure game for free on Steam after which you will be able to purchase it, usually for a decent discount.

For lots of PC gamers, collecting game titles on Steam has become more of an addiction and it also leads to lots of guilty backlogs with hundreds of titles waiting to be played. Just Cause 4 is a AAA title and you will probably end up playing it at least to roam the beautiful world the developers have created.

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Compared to the last Just Cause 3, the newer game wasn’t as good or received so many rave reviews but it is a nice way to get back into the universe again. Apart from that, American Truck Simulator also has a free weekend on the platform allowing gamers to enjoy roaming the world and driving trucks for fun. The game has received excellent reviews and is definitely worth a try. Besides, you can purchase it with 75% off on the full price and at that cost, it should be a worthy addition for players who love driving games.

The offers don’t end there as Cities: Skylines is another title available in this free weekend along with Just Cause 4. Surprisingly, the exact same game Cities is also free to play this weekend on the Xbox One console. If you own the Game Pass on the console, you can play the game as long as you are a subscriber to the service. The Xbox platform has lots of big name titles like Tomb Raider and Jump Force as part of the Game Pass service which is similar to Netflix.

The Surge is another title that is free for a limited time on Xbox One and is available with a 75% discount. It can also be downloaded and played with Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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