Age of Empires IV Will Bring Back the Age of Expansions and DLCs

The gaming industry is undergoing a major change and the upcoming release of Age of Empires IV stands proof to this claim. It doesn’t stop there because the developers and publishers have confirmed that this nostalgic game from the past will not feature any kind of microtransactions but rather will have expansion packs released just like it used to be in the 90s.

There was a time when the Sims 4 had lots of DLCs also known as expansion packs that further expanded the game’s single player campaign among other content. Players had the opportunity to keep buying them but the difference between them and microtransactions is that they were completed content. Unlike modern day mobile games that ushered in payment for weapons, costumes and every other trivial detail, the expansion packs were much bigger and offered more value for money.

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Age of Empires IV will not only bring back the golden age of gaming but will also bring back expansion packs and DLCS that you could purchase individually. If it offers an entirely new age of kings, a new empire or something similar to give players content to play, no one would mind actually paying for it again after purchasing the base game.

Talking about this, the developers commented that microtransactions never existed in real-time strategy games. And, introducing them will not make sense in the new Age of Empires IV. The game developers confirmed that they have a vision for the future which will also be decided based on what gamers want before rolling out new expansion packs.

The RTS game is easily the first of its kind in the modern generation and Age of Empires IV also focuses on bringing back a long lost gameplay style. While World of Warcraft still prevails, it is seriously outdated and a proper real time strategy will be a welcome addition to 90s gamers who enjoyed it like anything.

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