Half Life: Alyx is a Full Game, Not a VR Gimmick: Says Valve

In the many recent interviews, Valve’s chief development team has confirmed that Half Life: Alyx is a full game and not a virtual reality gimmick as some gamers assumed it to be.

Whenever the concept of VR is discussed about, it’s always a series of amazing game titles, videos and content that are considered a demo. The potential of the platform is very well accepted by everyone but the real content continues to slip away for years now. While there are great VR games, titles like Doom VFR and Angry Birds VR helped showcase it to the mainstream audience.

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Half Life: Alyx is expected to do something great for VR gaming scene as how Half Life 2 made PC gaming the trendsetter it is today. Ranging from technologies like Ray Tracing and physics besides mind-blowingly good graphics in titles like Cyber Punk 2077, Half Life was at the base many years ago. If Alyx could do the same, it would be a wonderful time for the next decade to step into virtual reality like never before.

Here are the important things that you should know about this upcoming game title.

#1 It’s a full VR game – Half Life: Alyx is a full VR game and designed foremost on the platform unlike a port and it will have 13 hours of gameplay. You could take a month or more because finishing it at one go could become really sweaty.

#2 The game’s specs are moderate – You can run the game on an i5 or Ryzen 5 Windows 10 PC with almost any headset as it works on all major headsets.

#3 The game works on virtually all headsets – The game is designed for all Steam VR compatible headsets which includes Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality. You can even use it sitting or standing as how you would do on Oculus Go headsets.

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#4 Its Release Date is Confirmed – Half Life: Alyx is confirmed to get launched on March, 2020 and it is not too far away. The game’s trailer does look promising and the storyline is set right after Half Life 2 – so it is not the Half Life 3 you are hoping for but something the VR world deserves.

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