Why Xbox Series X is More PC than Console?

Microsoft made a surprise announcement at the Game Awards 2019. The Xbox Series X is the brand new flagship console scheduled for launch on Holiday 2020 and it was supposed to be showcased along with a PS5 at the E3 2020 event.

The company didn’t wait months to make the reveal but rather brought it out all in the open for gamers and PC lovers to see much earlier. At first look, everyone immediately came to the conclusion that this is a PC eventhough it is still a console in many ways and is an Xbox.

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The design is the foremost element that makes the Xbox Series X more PC-like than ever. The GameCube used to be different while most consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One X resembled a VCR. They were always kept in a horizontal position but PCs are often kept in vertical position.

The new design looks like a CPU which did disappoint some Xbox fans much to the delight of PS4 supporters but most are okay with the change. After all, with Xbox Game Pass on PC, Microsoft has clearly identified that their position in gaming includes both the console and the Windows 10 platform together.


The new console focuses on lots of unique PC Master Race stuff such as variable refresh rate, supports AMD FreeSync to reduce screen tearing and is going to try really hard to deliver 4K gaming at 60 frames per second. The concept of FPS was literally not in the console space until Xbox One X started talking about it and now they have implemented it on all corners with the help from the people at AMD.

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This is supposed to be the higher end console that costs $500 or could even be $600 because a cheaper, more affordable version with support for cloud streaming and low-end gaming is set for launch in the next few months. Xbox Series X sounds like a naming series in which Series S could possibly be the next in the lot for those gamers who want to spend less on gaming.


Yet another PC-like feature is that all the games you may now own on Xbox One S or X will be seamlessly transferred to this new console as soon as you login. There is no need to purchase them all over again and Xbox One X will continue to be a cheaper solution in 2020 when S goes out of market.

Besides, the controller still looks the same and all your older controllers will work with the new device. There is no need to purchase your special edition controllers all over again. With so much compatibility and games running at better graphics, it is no wonder this is what computers have been doing for decades but is a welcome addition to the console world.

Xbox Series X is confirmed for Holiday 2020 release but to know the pricing and actual specifications we should probably wait till E3 2020. Along with it, Sony will also unveil the PS5 console or let’s hope they do it earlier as Microsoft did.

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