Apple Teams with Amazon and Google to Set Universal Smart Home Standards

Being the company that strongly believes in its own ecosystem and joining hands with others will not be an easy task. But, it’s a welcome change to witness Apple partnering with Amazon and Google in order to create a universal smart home standard that will be widely adopted on all their devices.

In theory, it is next to impossible for an individual to buy only Apple products or only Google products in order to achieve that perfect smart home setup. However, you might choose to buy a smart speaker from Amazon, go for an Apple TV but would still use an Android phone. In this situation, it is possible to establish connections with multiple devices in your home is only possible if all of them support a shared standard.

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Things used to be difficult in the past when Chromecast wouldn’t allow Amazon Prime to be streamed on their stick and the Prime Stick never had the YouTube app. Customers had to suffer because these companies wouldn’t play well with one another. Times have changed as Apple is opening up its Apple TV+ on all major platforms, Amazon and Google are on good terms now and so on.

In association with each other, the companies have formed the Zigbee Alliance which will create a smart and open-ended internet protocol allowing devices to communicate seamlessly on the same platform. Along with these big players, IKEA has also partnered to accept and adopt the new industry standards and Samsung Smart Things, Philips Signify will do the same. The end result will be an internet protocol that will be royalty-free to use and standard, making life easier for the developers.

We have three different voice AIs right now but if Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant could easily communicate, it will be the best step towards creating smart homes as people really want to use it without any hassles.

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