FTL Faster Than Light is Free for a Limited Time on Epic Games Store

During this time of the year, if you are keen on offers and discounts you could even get plenty of stuff for free. Being a PC gamer has its perks because Epic Games Store is giving out 12 days of free games every day and FTL Faster Than Light is being given away for free.

Whether you love the game or not hardly matters because if you can just grab it for free, it is easy to play it some other time in the year. Growing backlogs are definitely not something anyone would love to have but when you get things for free, it doesn’t matter anymore. Besides, for people who are familiar with the genre or love such games, this is an opportunity of a lifetime to get such as a popular title as FTL Faster than Light without paying anything.

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The original game got released way back in 2012 but it is not AAA title category, allowing gamers to play it on almost any machine and also not miss out on the graphics found in modern day titles. The entire concept is about a space ship and sci-fi Star Trek fans would love the concept.

You get to control a ship, manage the crew and understand how to handle space fights. Once done, the points you earn can be used to upgrade your ship and take down more powerful opponents. FTL Faster than Light is unique in more ways than one because there are no save points and enemies don’t react the same every time.

Besides, if your ship is destroyed and you die, it is a permanent death. The strict approach makes every level interesting and more realistic as the decisions you make affect your entire gameplay so far. And, you will also have lots of reasons to keep coming back and play more of the new storyline, enemies it has to offer. More games will be rolled out in the 12 Days of Free Games on Epic Games Store for those who are keen on building their collection.

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