GTA Vice City Emerges as a Mod in Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular open world franchises out there made by Rockstar. GTA Vice City is a blast from the past which has found its way to GTA 5 as a mod and with its arrival, you can actually play the old game with enhanced resolution, textures and gameplay content.

The mod has been made possible by lunchxbles who has created the new mod named Vice Cry and it is available on Grand Theft Auto V as a DLC add-on. Recently, when a modder recreated the entire world of Red Dead Redemption in RDR 2 for PCs, Rockstar sued the modder and asked them to completely remove any such add-ons.

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They didn’t specify whether a remastered version of the first game will find its way to Windows PCs or not. The new DLC however seems to be something that might get to stay. The modder has put in a lot of effort in order to get the MLO interiors combined with 3D neon models. They provide proper reflections on buildings and on road while the textures, traffic lights are all designed to be responsive compared to the actual game released by Rockstar.

Additional features found in the DLC include Navmesh support, instanced grass combined with car generators and reflection on waters. For the common gamer, this is easy to understand that GTA Vice City has achieved a new lease of life in terms of graphical fidelity and will be as good as new when it is run as a mod on GTA V.

The remastered version of GTA Vice City is under development for nearly four years now and the screenshots stand proof to how well the modder has managed to bring such an old game to life. The DLC is worth checking out even if you haven’t played Vice City because of its graphical upgrade and the new GTA 5 engine on which it runs on.

You can download it for free here.

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