Sony PS4 Exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn May Land on PC in 2020

Sony PS4 is a great console that single handedly won over the hearts of gamers as the go-to console in the past decade and won with flying colors against Microsoft’s Xbox One. While Microsoft was busy investing in Xbox Game Pass and multi-platform titles, PlayStation 4 was all about exclusives like God of War, Spiderman and Horizon Zero Dawn.

One of the widely acclaimed exclusives on the Sony PS4 is probably coming to PCs in 2020. Horizon Zero Dawn is a great mix of Tomb Raider and Uncharted put together in the form of an open world adventure title. Players could easily sink into this title to spend tens of hours of gameplay as you progress in the story as well as improve your character with lots of interesting grinding techniques and unlock more skills for the character.

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Based on a rumor by Kotaku, it looks like Horizon Zero Dawn is actually coming to PCs in 2020 and it is not an entirely baseless rumor. Sony has already allowed the launch of many popular exclusives like Detroit Become Human and Heavy Rain made their way to Windows computers in the past. Microsoft has officially confirmed that all their exclusives including big-time console sellers like Halo and Gears of War will always be on Windows 10 computers hereafter.

Sony PS4 exclusives may also find its way to computers because PlayStation 5 launch is just a couple of months to go. With a new console comes lots of great exclusive titles and bringing older generation exclusives to gamers on PCs will not affect sales by any means. Death Stranding is another exclusive that is coming to PCs soon and it won’t be long before God of War may get launched for other platforms or at least Windows computers because they are not considered to be a competition anymore.

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