All you need to know about Motorola’s new Razr

Motorola’s new Razr sets its trademark after the launch of Samsung’s foldable phone. Though the company has officially launched its new machine in parts of the world, India is yet to receive the foldable phone. It is expected this February 2020, and there is a huge hype as usual.

Though foldable phones had nothing much to do give its users, Motorola is still expected with great publicity for the same technology evolved.

Past experiences of the foldables:

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So, let’s consider the previous experience of Motorola Razr users. The foremost thing to notice is, the new Razr is not as big as the Galaxy fold. The phone completely fits inside the pint-sized pockets. The foldable screen is designed in plastic, yet the video from Motorola has claimed that “Screen is made to bend; bumps and lumps are normal.”

Whereas, these bumps on the Galaxy foldable made it a failure. Motorola has promised, “that is not the case with its new Razr.” A couple of videos from Motorola on YouTube have made it evident as well. And still, fingers crossed because it is yet to be launched in India.

Comparison of the foldables:

I still remember the day when my father bought a foldable phone from Nokia in my early 20s. I also remember the mess it made in a while, approximately a period of 2 years. I would not blame the brand rather; the design structure was not effective to sustain in the long run. But that doesn’t mind it was in the early ’20s and it would matter much if the design was successful or not.

But here we see Motorola’s New Razr has a stunning design along with normal bumps and lumps. Also, you don’t find any bends and stretches in between the screen. This is the biggest achievement that Motorola has obtained in its new release.

Specialties of the new folding phone:

  • Motorola’s new Razr is the only folding phone with the smallest folding display.
  • The unfolded version of the phone measures 6.2-inches.
  • The Razr is comparatively smaller than the Galaxy fold when unfolded.
  • As mentioned earlier there is no crease or mark on the folding display.
  • The Razr phone holds protective plastic layers for further protection.
  • According to Motorola, the gap between the display and the body should minimize the risk of damage.
  • The Motorola Razr is the only foldable phone with water-resistant nanocoating on the body and with a splash-proof.
  • There is an added feature on the new Razr foldable phone that is termed as Retro Razr Mode and it offers a launcher through which one can interact via buttons and the results are presented on the small display which is present on the top half of the screen.
  • The durability of the phone is improved with a polycarbonate rear panel which also keeps the weight under check.
  • The new Razr comes with a fingerprint sensor that rests on the top of the chin and it can help with the authentication of the user.

Wrap up:

There are many other important features on the new blade and yet to be tested. Let’s wait for the phone and its stunning features. I hope the phone will not be a disappointment for its spectators. The phone is expected to have a great deal in the market except for the price.

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