Netflix Adopts AV1 Codec to Stream 4K HDR Content with Lesser Data Usage

Netflix has been the pioneering company in the world of streaming and they partnered with Amazon, Google in order to develop a royalty free streaming codec solution. The AV1 codec was announced by the firm two years ago which is now being implemented on all Android devices and eventually to iOS, PCs among others to save massive data usage when streaming high quality 4K HDR content.

Android users in developing nations and many parts of the world are still concerned about data usage. Netflix provides the option to turn on Save Data feature on smartphones that will automatically stream all content on Netflix including HD and UHD. The new AV1 codec is expected to reduce 30% of data usage on premium quality content and the savings will be phenomenal on 1080p content.

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Following YouTube’s Codec Path

YouTube is already using AV1 codec for majority of their videos and users have the opportunity to use it instead of VP9 videos. The only catch is that be it a smartphone or a computer, you require plenty of hardware power in order to support 1080p or UHD videos. YouTube claims that any video above 480p requires better PCs in order to support the AV1 format.

Netflix is following the same step in order to implement the codec on all platforms and they also opine that AV1 codecs are much better, offering 20% better compression efficiency. They are capable of delivering amazing 4K videos without being too heavy on the data usage which also helps reduce stutters and lags that might occur in case there is loss of Wi-Fi signal during streaming. All major streaming platforms are improving their quality and data usage while game streaming is still in its early stages as it requires whoppingly fast internet speeds combined with stable wireless connections to make games readily playable.

An improvement in Netflix streaming in terms of quality may also boost game streaming in the near future as it becomes the norm on mobiles, PCs and laptops.

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