Apple is Reportedly Releasing an Over-Ear AirPods Named AirPods X, Costs $399.99

Apple has filled all the major zones after removing the 3.5mm headphone jack in their iPhones. After the AirPods and the AirPods Pro, the obvious choice is to come up with an over-ear ANC headphone and that is what they are reportedly working on. Named the Apple AirPods X, the leak comes from Target inventory listing and it will cost around $400 which is on par with what Sony, Bose and other competitors price their devices.

The over-ear headphone market with Bluetooth and active noise cancellation is a thriving zone where Sony and Bose are competing for many years now. Bose’s QC35II and Sony’s models cost around $350 but they sell so well that it caught Apple’s eye at this point. Besides, with no headphone jack on their iPhones, there is no way to connect any other pair unless they support Bluetooth. The AirPods Pro is already on par with what most consumers want but if you are looking for something more audiophile grade, Bose and Sony’s offering are the only options available.

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Besides, being large over-ear models have its own advantages because they can easily last 30 hours on a single charge. For frequent travelers and people who don’t really want to charge their headphones at least for a week would love the large earphones. Another advantage is the sound driver used in these products that deliver excellent music quality on par with audiophile grade headphones.

Target listed the new product as AirPods X and going by the Beats-like design, it does confirm the fact that Apple wants an over-ear headphone to be launched in 2020. It will be an expensive one as always priced at $399.99 but the launch date is unclear because the company has another event scheduled for March.

The Apple iPhone SE2 has been nearly confirmed to get launched during this event and it won’t be surprising if the ANC headphones make its way here during the same event. It is also the time during which Apple is expected to unveil the iPad Pro 2020 tablets.

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