Plants vs Zombies 3 Gets Launched in Philippines, Romania and Ireland

Electronic Arts and PopCap are still at it because Plants vs Zombies 3 is coming to Android phones. The first launch has found its way to Philippines, Romania and Ireland. While it is a soft launch and the game is expected to be made available on iOS and Android around the globe, it is great to see a beloved franchise from the past come back to life.

With smartphones becoming extremely powerful like never before, EA and PopCap now has great freedom to explore the game’s capability. They have significantly improve the game’s graphics because Android and iOS devices comfortably support Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG these days. Besides, they are also bringing in lots of new additions to make the game really competitive and the strategy elements will be retained to keep players busy throughout the game time.

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However, not so surprisingly the developers have retained the original design of Plants vs Zombies. The newly launched game is still the same with plants on one side and zombies from the other. As expected, there are lots of new characters to unlock to defend the house and wide range of zombies to fight besides the ability to expand the entire town.

The free to play games have started evolving in recent times. Instead of making you wait for hours to unlock something, it encourages you to play more. Plants vs Zombies 3 similar to PUBG is expected to make revenue through costumes and other fancy items rather than blocking serious gameplay elements behind a pay wall. Such methods ensure there are more players onboard which in turn lead to the betterment of the franchise in the long run.

While we have the same zombie bosses and PvE fights, it won’t be surprising if EA and PopCap bring in PvP battles in Battle Royale mode in the near future. The game is now available in all three countries on both iTunes and Google Play store.

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